Marie Kondo’s Komanri method teaches us to rid ourselves of things that are not sparking joy in our lives. There are some things in my life that are not exactly sparking joy in my life right now but while I figure out exactly what to do to fix that (getting rid of stuff may be easier than getting rid of non-material things in life), I continue on to remembering the things and/or events in my life that do give me joy. So much joy in fact that it helps me keep going.

1. Book shopping

If you haven’t figured it out by now from all the book blogposts I’ve done, then let me tell you that I am in fact a book lover. Big Bad Wolf Books, the book sale event that sells various books with big discounts, came back to Manila this year and I got the chance to check out the sale before it officially opened to the public. VIP Day baby! Got a lot of books from the sale and I mean a lot! I’m happy and excited to read all the titles both fiction and non-fiction. 
2.  Four day work week (again!)

Because today we recall the anniversary of People Power EDSA Revolution 1, it’s a non-working holiday.
3. Bonding with friends over art and food 

This past weekend, Art Fair Philippines 2019, was held and it’s become a tradition for us three (Mai, Ryan and I) to check out the various art exhibits on display. We’re not artsy-fartsy people but we can admire great works of art. And since checking out a lot of artworks can be tiring, we ended our day dining at the recently opened Bench Cafe in Greenbelt 3. 

4. Body Jam marathon 

I already love Rej’s regular Body Jam class. A marathon, usually a 90-minute class, is even better!

5. Dinner with friends after Body Jam marathon
6. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends 
After gym, Hazel, Ryan, Dom, Rej and I went to dinner at Abby’s Bistro in Five E-com. Good food. Good music. Awesome company. It was a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Most V-Days for me are uneventful honestly so Hazel’s idea of celebrating on the 14th was an inspired idea. 

7. Being in a crowded jeepney squished beside the guy I like 

8. Cozying up to a good book

I traded Sunday gym for a good book. Finished reading The Devil Wears Prada. Check out what I thought of it here.

9. Friday night dinner and coffee with friends