One of Ryan and mine’s favorite places to hang out in is a coffee shop. For a time it was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Glorietta 2 and then it was Starbucks Reserve in Three E-Com at Mall of Asia. During our stay in Siem Reap, we also frequented a coffee shop called Brown Coffee and Bakery.

Ryan and I spotted this place while we were exploring the city during our first official day in Siem Reap.

I love how the look of this coffee shop. Outside, the ambiance is like you’re in a forest or at least a nature park because of the tall trees, the brown color painted walls of the shop and tables and benches that look like the kind you use on picnics.

When you go inside, this is how it looks. Tall ceilings and cream colored walls while the bar area, the tables and the chairs are made of wood. The aesthetic is simple but very much pleasing to look at. I love that it’s so spacious too!

I read online that Brown Coffee actually originated from Phnom Penh and it’s actually very successful there. Also in the same news article I read, this coffee shop’s target is more of the locals than tourists. If Ryan and I were locals, you’d surely find us in this place a lot! There’s good WiFi connection here and air conditioning plus it’s not as noisy and crowded like Starbucks so it’s not hard to imagine myself staying here with my laptop ready to do some writing which I cannot seem to do while at the confines of the office and if I’m not, then I’d be here ordering coffee and reading a good book. 

Brown Coffee and Bakery has the usual safe coffee choices like cappucino, espresso, caffe mocha, americano and latte and yes though not as many as that of mainstream coffee shops like Starbucks, they also offer frappes plus juice and smoothies. As for food, they not only have cakes and cookies they also have pasta and sandwiches.

When we visited the first time, I was starving so I ordered pasta. I think this is carbonara. Ryan said when it comes to food, when I’m dining somewhere unfamiliar, carbonara pasta is going to be one of those dishes I would most likely order. And this photo is proof that he’s right.

I originally wanted to order the chicken kiev pasta that Dom ordered cos it looked delicious in the photo he sent me. Looking at this and it’s making my mouth water. Why didn’t I order the same thing again? Was it the $4 price that stopped me or was this spicy? It might have been the latter cos I just don’t like spicy foods. I think my carbonara pasta cost around the same as his order.

Well I have no regrets though! The pasta was yummy! And yes, I ordered hot coffee during my first visit even though it’s already very hot outside.

Ryan loves sweets so he ordered pastries and cake when we visited. I ordered cake too during our second visit. You just can’t go wrong with dessert. It goes so well with coffee!

If you’re looking for a hidden gem in the city of Siem Reap, check out Brown Coffee and Bakery!

A quick #OOTD pose in Brown Coffee and Bakery. Wearing a simple white shirt I bought from SM Surplus shop, pastel green slacks from Penshoppe and my ever comfy Skechers Go Walk shoes.

Photo credits: Dom and Ryan