I did something trippy this week. I went for a tarot card reading. I’ve always been fascinated with magic and I don’t mean the kind where a magician pulls out a rabbit from his hat. I’m talking more about the spiritual stuff. Like crystals. Law of Attraction. And yes, tarot cards.

A lot of my friends are scared of getting a tarot reading. They’re afraid it might tell them they’re sick or some loved one is going to die. I think this has something to do with horror movies putting the cards in a bad light. They don’t actually predict your future. The tarot cards are just a guide. Ultimately, how we live our lives is still up to us.   

The theme of my reading was the Suit of Cups and it’s about love, emotions and relationships. I think that’s the one aspect of my life that isn’t working for me honestly. So how did my reading experience go? It was an amazing experience and I got really good insights. It basically told me to trust the timing of my life (‘cos I’m always in a hurry) and to embrace an attitude of gratitude for what I have in my life right now and not to look too far ahead into the future. Love will come when the time is right. Yet another reason why I shouldn’t give in to the pressures of society and people around me. And why I shouldn’t feel bad that I am still single.😊

Anyway, if you’re also curious about tarot card reading, I’d highly recommend The Imaginarium Tarot.

Image by komahouse from Pixabay