I’ve been doing this current list since last year and am reviving it again this year. But this time, I actually know what to call it! I found out through my recent blog hopping that this listicle has been going on for awhile. It’s called The Sunday Currently. How apt since I do like to make this list on a Sunday with a format almost similar to what’s already on the blogosphere.

Anyway, so here’s what’s on my Sunday Currently:

Reading: Well, planning to read Jodi Picoult’s Sing You Home. It’s one of the books I bought from The Big Bad Wolf Books sale.

Zoe Baxter has lost everything. Struggling to rebuild her life, the last thing she expects is to fall in love. It changes her world. Until she discovers there are those who will do anything to stop her from living her life the way she believes.  

I’ve been planning to read this for a couple of weeks now but I haven’t read one chapter! I was planning of doing so during my recent staycation (will blog about it separately!) but life had other plans.

Watching: I finished watching Glee reruns on Netflix. And The Society, which I highly recommend btw! Now I’ve moved back to Gilmore Girls. I seriously love this mother-daughter duo and their quirky family and neighbors. Oh and I’m team Jess for Rory and team Luke for Lorelai. I wasn’t always team Luke though. When I first watched this series, I was rooting for Lorelai to end up with Christopher, Rory’s dad. But now, older and (wiser?), I can see why Luke is the best choice.

Other than that, what’s good to watch on Netflix? Any recommendations?

Saving Up For: My two new travels. I’m traveling to Bangkok this November with my mom and Siargao by December with friends. I’m excited for both travels. And another staycation this August!

Wishing: For another non-working day. I feel like two days off from work is really not enough. You know?

Listening: Lie To Me by Steve Aoki and Ina Wroldsen.

Writing: My blog confessions and this blog post, my first official The Sunday Currently.     

Feeling: Happy. And determined to lose weight and achieve that sexy body in time for that beach trip.

Wanting: A massage. I want a deep tissue massage because my whole body is aching from that intense Thursday workout. Franz had us doing circuit training during Freestyle Group Training and that was followed by an intense 1 on 1 Pro 45 cycling class with Enzo.

Loving: The Girl Next Shore’s blog

Hoping: I’d have enough money to throw a little birthday celebration by July.

Thinking: About the things I should do. Like cleaning my room. Buying a pencil case for my pens. Cleaning out my closet again!

How about you?

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels