Did you guys read about Burger King’s latest promotion – the Real Meals? It’s a shade to its competitor, McDonald’s of course for their Happy Meals. The Real Meals is a Whopper Meal Box and it comes in five different colors and moods: YAAAS in purple, Salty in teal, Sad in blue, Pissed in Red and probably my favorite mood: DGAF (Don’t give a fuck) in black. That’s my favorite mood because Ryan says I often DGAF to things or people. Very true. Anyway simply put what Burger King wants to say is people aren’t happy all the time so the Whopper Box Real Meal allows you to feel whatever you’re feeling and just celebrate being you. It’s a clever marketing move if you ask me and just in time for May, the Mental Health Awareness month.  Is it gonna be available in the Philippines? I dunno. I don’t care. I don’t eat Whopper at Burger King.😁
But this is not about Burger King. I just shared that in connection to my Happy List. Because like what the fast food chain said, people aren’t always happy all the time. I’m not. That’s why I keep making this list so that whenever life is getting tough or sad or just down right sucky, I go back to these lists to remind me that it’s a balance. Some days may be bad and I might want to forget or fast forward but there are also still a whole lot of good in it making life worth living. 

1. Badminton with friends

This is a fairly new thing I did.recently but I hope to continue doing it. I along with some of my friends, Jordan, Jen and Ryan got together one night and played badminton. I’m happy to report that no I didn’t fall down this time. My legs did not buckle. And although there’s still a lot of improvement needed on my end, I had a good time playing.

2. Being able to add more comics to my Archie Comics collection 

Thank you National Bookstore’s Super Summer Sale! Because of this sale, I was able to buy three Americana series graphic novels at only Php150 each instead of its usual price of Php700+. Almost 34 but Archie Comics still amuse me as much as it did when I first started reading in 4th grade.

3. Being able to pull off my first PR related event in years unsupervised.

April was quite a stressful and busy month because of the event but I give myself a pat on the back for being able to finish it without a hitch. Well not a lot. Of course I couldn’t also have done it without my supportive, skilled and very nice colleagues.

4. Deep tissue massage

It has been months since I last treated my tired muscles to a good massage. And when it comes to pampering yourself, you can’t go wrong with The Spa! I swear!

5. The thought of an upcoming staycation

Can’t wait for my staycation and girls bonding with Mai Ann at Henry Hotel Manila! And we’re staying in a suite that we got on sale!

6. Finding a coffee shop to stay at while I write

There’s so many distractions at the office so it’s harder for me to focus and write. But finally I found a good spot in Makati where I can stay for hours just to write a press release or even to blog.

7. Bonding with friends from the gym after workout

Technically, Jen’s the only gym friend I have been able to bond with outside the gym as of recent. Ryan and Jordan I’ve known since high school. But it’s nice that we get to bond nowadays after gym on weekends at times – whether that’s to eat or have coffee or both.

8. Celebration of Ryan’s 34th birthday

Got treated twice to good food! First was during his actual birthday which was a Good Friday but we still had a low key dinner at Italianni’s and then when Easter Sunday came rolling along, I was part of the group of friends from the gym he treated to lunch.

9. Shopping for new clothes! 

I am super loving the summer styles various stores have released. They’re cute and colorful. Also very fun to look at. Bet I can use some of them on my upcoming travel! 

10.  Body Jam 88 

Another release I’m loving. The songs are real nice. The dance moves are amazing. Has a lot of turns which can make you dizzy but still very fun to dance to.

11. Being able to finish two new books. Making a dent to my 2019 GoodReads Challenge.

I finished reading All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner and Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom. Will blog about those next time.

12. Getting an unexpected makeover for free

I was only intending to buy a new brow makeup at SM Department Store Makati but the saleslady not only did my brows, she went all out – foundation, blush on and lipstick! It was a makeup free day because I came from the gym that day and I really only meant to do some errands so no kikay kit on hand. But I got a spontaneous invite from a friend I rarely see nowadays and I was looking blah! The lady from the store made me look gorgeous! Even said I should have a date that night so my look doesn’t go to waste.

13. Unexpected coffee night with friends

Well I didn’t have a date that night but I did meet up with Ryan and Mai Ann for dinner and coffee so makeover did not go to waste.😆 I love that despite the distance and the fact that we’re not always talking, our friendship with Mai Ann remains strong.

14. Another travel in the horizon 

This isn’t an international travel. And it’s also not an explore-the-city kind for that matter. It’s a local travel and it’s a beach kind of trip with friends from the gym. I’m not the kind of gal who plans for beach trips but I’m excited about this particular travel this December. It’s in fact my impulsive, crazy but hopefully something I’d really enjoy kind of vacation.

And finally,

15. Bonding with Rej and Ryan after Friday Jam

After we accompanied Rej who did a friend a favor, we had lunch at Bonchon and shared a mango cheesecake bingsu dessert three ways. Just a chill way to spend Friday.