One of the hotels I’ve always wanted to stay in at is The Henry Hotel Manila. It’s a boutique hotel in Pasay City, which originally started in Cebu. The pictures of white, black and brown facades was enough to make me want to book a room there even just for a night for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life without having to leave Manila.

What to Expect 

Entering Henry Hotel Manila, I felt like I was somewhere far away. Like a hacienda. Looks cozy and peaceful here.

The Vintage Suite Room for Two

I love our room. It was big and roomy and came with an equally spacious living room that’s perfect for lounging around. Stepping into the room, I felt like I was entering a room from an ancestral house but with a touch of modernism with two 32 inch LCD TVs (one in the living room and one in the bedroom perfect if you can’t settle in one channel) and artworks that hung above the wall of the bed.

Who doesn’t love a queen size bed in their bedroom? A good night’s sleep is a definite in this plush bed.

If mornings could always mean waking up like this. Relaxed in bed. No time to worry about. Just drinking tea or coffee before the day starts.

The room came with a vintage bathtub too. Perfect for a relaxing warm bubble bath which is exactly what I needed after a harrowing work day. 

There’s also WiFi in the room if you want to stay connected to what’s happening on the outside world. I almost worked til the evening of that day. I had already pulled out my laptop, ready to connect. If only the number of devices that were allowed to connect wasn’t limited. But that was fine. I took it as a sign to finally relax.

Our room also came with this veranda with a garden view. It’s a great place to read a book.

Dining Option: Apartment 1B 

The Henry Hotel is near Mall of Asia so if guests feel like dining outside or going for a stroll, this mall’s just one ride away. But good food is just a few feet away inside the hotel complex as there is an Apartment 1B that serves delicious meals anyway. 

It can be a little bit heavy on the pocket as meals there cost around Php300 – Php500. Want to save some money while enjoying food here? Try Zomato Gold!

Swim Away

The Henry Hotel also has a pool within the complex so if you feel like cooling off in the water, go for a swim.

It’s only about 4 ft. deep so that’s perfect if you don’t know how to swim!😛 You can just freely wade around.

Overall Experience

If you want to a quick break without ever having to leave the city, a staycation is always a great way to do that. And a stay at The Henry Hotel would make you feel like you’re detached from the city without ever having to go far ‘cos just outside the gates of this unassuming hotel is the busyness of the city waiting to welcome you back to reality.

Come in for a night or two at The Henry Hotel. It’s a great way to say hello weekend.