Reading: Beth Harbison’s If I Could Turn Back Time.

It’s another book I bought from the Big Bad Wolf Books sale. Traded Jodi Picoult’s book for this instead. I think with my birthday just around the corner, this is a timely read for me.

Watching: Still watching Gilmore Girls rerun on Netflix every morning. But I just recently finished Season 3 of Designated Survivor and I will say the long wait for this series to return was worth it!

Thinking: About going shopping! Again! There’s this gorgeous maxi dress I’ve had my eyes on in forever at Promod and it’s now on sale! But also hesitating to buy because I have not been able to think of more than one place where I could wear it. I gotta think “ROI” here. Hehe.

Oh and also thinking about my birthday and what’s a good way to celebrate it. Should I ask my friends to play Breakout Manila? Happy hour drinks at Mistral perhaps? Just plain and simple birthday lunch/dinner?

Listening: To 90’s pop songs on Spotify.

Hoping: For a productive two day work week and a relaxing three day break from work as the office goes to La Union and Baguio to celebrate its 21st anniversary.

I found myself dragging myself to work last week because I was feeling tired and lazy at the same time.

Needing: A break. Where I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything except read, sleep, Netflix and chill. Drink coffee. Eat. My energy is really running low and the weekends are just not enough anymore.

Wearing: A mini black denim skirt and my blue teal top from Penshoppe. Wore this to the gym and I haven’t changed into my regular home clothes because I’m still thinking of going out.

Feeling:  A little sad. It’s Father’s Day and I’m missing my Dad. But also happy. It’s a good Sunday spent attending Rej’s Body Jam class and then a little hang out with friends after gym. We ate at Jollibee (no healthy eating today! Ha! Ha!) because Rej and Hazel wanted to buy that Jollibee towel with a hood. Where are they gonna wear it? Who knows? Silly kids.😂

That’s my Sunday so far. Slow and peaceful exactly how I like my Sundays to be. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and soon-to-be-Dads out there!