Helloooo July! Helloooo rainy season! Helloooo second half of the year! 

I’m in for a busy month – months(?) now that I’m juggling digital marketing and PR accounts at work. Also the second half of the year means my travel plans are right around the corner now. The thought of those trips excite me to no end. They are my biggest motivations for hustling at work right now.  

I love watching the sunset at MOA bay area 

Reading: Beth Harbison’s If I Could Turn Back Time

Yep, still at it. I haven’t made progress with this book. Not one page. I even brought this to our recent company trip in case I’d be bored or have down time. I did have down time but I chose to spend that exploring and chatting with friends instead. I still want to finish this book before my birthday which gives me a week!😆

Watching: Good Girls on Netflix 

It came highly recommended by my friends, Ryan and Dom. Am on season 2 now and still liking it. And if you’re watching this as well or if you have watched it before, is it weird that I think Rio, the bad guy, is kinda hot? And I kinda wish he’d get together with Beth although is that messed up to think that? She is married and he is the bad guy. 

Feeling: Sick, fat and meh 

Rainy season = colds season. Fat ‘cos I have been skipping the gym and eating a lot (stress eating, yikes!) 

Not sad. Just… meh. Going through the motions. Hopefully come my birth month, I’d feel a little peppier. 

Playing: Wordfeud

Word games – love them! Discovered this scrabble game from my friend at work, Maila. Been playing with my workmates and some strangers online. I like that the game allows me to find random opponents. I gotta up my Scrabble game if I’m to be really good at this again!

Listening: Body Jam and Inspire Me To Be playlist on Spotify 

Happy tunes and inspirational songs help me through the work days.

Hoping: To have a nice birthday photo I can post on Facebook when the day comes

Arte ba? Ha! Ha! I got the idea from another blogger I love, Frances Sales. Since my 32nd birthday, I’ve been asking friends who are good with taking photos for a picture favor. 

Wishing: To have a nice and fun birthday celebration in the company of people I love

So that’s my Sunday. Hope everyone has a great and happy week ahead. I know I want to.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by Sidda Thorton.