I’m making new mini goals for the month of August. Why am I doing this? Oh you know. All part of adulting and basically wanting to live a better and happier life in general. So starting this August, I’m writing down things that I would like to accomplish for the next 30 days and come end of the month, I’m going to revisit what I listed and see what progress I made.

1. Workout more and workout often 
It’s not that I have not been working out because I still go to the gym but it’s not as regular as before. I wanna bring that back and lose all the darn fats I regained from being so lazy. So far since the month started, I’ve gone to the gym and have attended FGT classes, a spin class and Body Jam. I aim to keep it up. 
2. Eat in moderation; eat healthier 
Soooo all the late nights at the office and stress brought about by work had me eating a lot and eating whatever is convenient to eat aka fast food. This month I’m committing to no rice for dinner; no soda; little to no fast food consumption and yes black coffee or tea on weekdays. 
This is not a diet mind you. I just want to eat a little healthier. I will still give in to fast food and/or rice for dinner but so much less often than I did last month. 
3. Stash away at least Php2,000 when I get my salary this month for my upcoming Bangkok trip

According to my Savings Made Simple app, I need to save at least Php1.7k a month to reach my goal of Php15,000 pocket money and I have 110 days remaining to do that. 
4. Stash away at least Php100 every week for my Siargao trip in December 
Also according to my Savings Made Simple app, I have 127 days to have at least Php10, 000 pocket money for my trip.
5. No swiping of credit card this month 

I made a huge dent on my credit cards last month because of my birthday celebrations (note the plurality) and shopping so this month I would like to give swiping a break. Also not swiping on behalf of my friends. 

4. Plan what to wear to work the night before 
Thinking of what to wear to the office in the morning actually takes a lot of my time. I find myself pulling outfits from my closet, discarding and changing at least once. 
5. Bring all the brown paper bags I’ve collected to Silent Beads again 
Because I got busy at the office and got lazy, I’ve put off donating the bags and they’re all just sitting in my room. Did you guys know that Silent Beads PH actually accepts brown paper bags and they will exchange it for seeds? I haven’t gotten my seeds from the last donation I did but at least I donated. It’s one small act to help save Mother Earth. 
6. Bring my shoes and dresses for repair
My poor shoes. I’ve stashed them all in one bag fully intending to bring them for repair but it’s been months since I promised myself to do that. Same goes with my dresses. I should go to a tailor this month to get them repaired so I can wear them again. This is also another way to help Mother Earth guys. Use what you still can. Stop throwing and stop buying unnecessary stuff. 

7. Finish reading Beth Harbison’s If I Could Turn Back Time
I’ve intended to finish it last month but I never did get to do so. Finishing this book also means I can add a dent to my 2019 GoodReads Challenge goal of reading 20 books for the year. 
8.  Have a blog post at least once a week

If I’m going to ever get this blog to earn some money on the side, I should have more content to build traffic. Oh but also I just really like blogging. It’s a creative outlet for me. Still, do me a favor and click on the ads you see on this blog, please?😊
9. Mask nights Fridays and Sundays 

I would like to keep my skin glowing and I would like to still look young even though I’m now 34. So I’m committing to stick to my Friday and Sunday mask nights to get my skin looking good. Plus I don’t want my Mask of Magnaminty that I bought from Lush go to waste.

 10. Drop by the Sto. Nino Chapel in Greenbelt once a week

This is something I used to do actually and I would like to bring it back. It’s always nice to take a moment for a prayer. Also I really like Sto. Nino Chapel in Greenbelt. Surrounded by trees and a man made pond, it feels so serene to say a prayer there.