Photo by Nicholas Swatz from Pexels

Certain days like Sundays are best spent at the comforts of home.

Feeling: Refreshed from a nap and a good dinner with mom

I always wake up early on a Sunday to go to church with mom then it’s off to the gym. And because I usually sleep late, come early afternoon and I’m already feeling my eyelids getting heavy; bed calling out to me. This Sunday is no different.

Needing: Another whole body massage

I’ve been working out again because it’s one of my mini goals for August – workout more, workout often and so here I am with muscles sore AF. I want another massage to help ease the aches.

Reading: Beth Harbison’s If I Could Turn Back Time

Yessss still at this. LOL! This is one of the longest times I’ve taken to finish a book. When I’m not busy at work or choosing anything and everything else over reading, I’m napping. But I have every intention of finishing the book this month. Hopefully with all the holidays August has I can do that.

Loving: The fact that tomorrow I don’t have work. It’s holiday! Yay!

Thinking: of shopping for skin care products to add to my regimen; shoes and clothes

But I promised myself that there will be no swiping of credit cards this month. I have to give it a rest. I could shop with cash but I also need to save it for my upcoming trips. And so for now, I repeatedly ask myself, “Do I need this?” Practicing control.

Looking forward to: To Rej’s Body Jam class at the gym tomorrow

Watching:  Reruns of The Vampire Diaries

I somehow missed watching this series which I never did get to finish when it was still on air. I lost interest when Nina Dobrev left the show thereby killing off her characters Katherine and Elena. No more #Delena.

How’s your long weekend going?