How was your Sunday folks? Can you believe just like that another weekend is about to end and the work week starts again? Well I at least feel like I had a good and relaxing weekend and I finally feel like the lethargic feeling I’ve had this past week is gone! At last!

Reading: Nothing at the moment because I just finished Beth Harbison’s If I Could Turn Back Time! A real good read, guys. I’ll do a review of that book soon.

Listening: Taylor Swift’s Complete Collection on Spotify. And it had to take Taylor to convince me to finally get back on premium plan.😆 I’ve been scrimping and my Spotify premium plan got the axe. Well for only a month. I hated the ad interruptions that I’m forced to listen to especially when I was already super into Taylor’s music.

Watching: The Vampire Diaries rerun. Yes still at it friends! I was gonna watch Abduction on Netflix tonight but I only got to the opening credits before I made sense of what I really wanted to see on Sunday night – the hot Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder.

Wearing: A loose white shirt and comfy shorts now ‘cos I no longer have plans of leaving the house. Or my room for that matter. It’ll be bed time soon enough.

Shopping for: Wireless earphones because my current wired ones are about to fall off.😞 Looking at buying two actually. One from Joyroom because that hot pink pair of wireless earphones is gorgeous! Ryan said it’s a good enough brand and it’s under Php3k which is the ceiling price I’m willing to spend for earphones.

Also shopping for a monopod/tripod so I can finally take my #OOTDs on my own because there’s no one at home to do that. They all have shaky hands.😑

And did I mention about the Pixi Glow Tonic and Burt Bee’s tinted lip balm I have on my Sephora cart and the Dear Klair’s serums on my Shoppee cart?😆 They’re all just waiting for me to press that checkout button.

Feeling: Mixed emotions actually. I’ll talk about the negative feelings first.

I feel sad and angry because someone stole my mirrorless camera! And I don’t know when it happened. I haven’t fully used it yet or even paid it in full yet. I just found out last Friday night when I thought of charging it that it’s no longer where it used to be in. That’s the sad part.

I feel angry at whoever stole it. Why would he/she do that? Ryan said I trust people too much. That I see the good in them too much. And so my faith in humanity, at least with certain people, is broken yet again because of this incident. I’m angry because I have a strong suspicion as to who the culprit is and I can’t confront this individual because I have no concrete proof. Only a simple deducing that led me to think of that person.

I feel unsafe as well. Again! In my own house. In my own room. Again because this feeling started a couple of years back when someone came up to my room (then with a broken knob so it’s really just open) and stole my mobile phones, my tablet and a bag all while I was sleeping in the room. And no one noticed. Imagine my horror when I woke up to find that the phones I left on the table beside my bed was gone. Ever since then, I dared not leave my room without locking it. Even when I’m in the room, I lock it and before I sleep at night, I even check and double check to make sure I locked my door. Yet, here I am again. Despite a locked room, someone was able to come and steal a valuable item.

I learned from it for sure and I am going to do something to tighten the security in my room even more. But I won’t dwell on it too much because it wouldn’t bring my gadget back unless the thief grows a guilty conscience and decides to return it (if it could still be returned that is! Who knows if it has been sold for money?)

So I’ll talk about the more positive feelings now.

I feel accomplished because I have been able to tick off some items from my August mini goals. Yesterday, I was able to finally take the brown paper bags I’ve stored over the weeks to a Silent Beads drop off in Makati. And today, I dropped off all the plastic containers and plastic bags I’ve stored over the past few months at Green Antz booth at Makati Street Market. If you live in Makati or near Makati, and also have some plastics, don’t throw it away guys. Give it to Green Antz. They have a booth every Saturday at Salcedo Market!

I feel accomplished also because today after gym I finally got to drop off my dress for repair at the tailor’s with Ryan accompanying me. It’s also a long overdue task for me. The dress needs a new zipper because it just won’t zip all the way up anymore. And no, I did not become that fat! It just got stuck for some reason.   

Lastly, I feel accomplished and happy because I finally finished reading my book which I have been talking about finishing since June!

Looking forward to: Rej’s Body Jam class tomorrow night and Wednesday holiday! Yay!