Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Before October ends and it is almost at its end (time flies!), I’m sharing a new set of happy list because this month has been eventful – in a good way.

1. Being able to attend more of Rej’s Body Jam classes 

Because I finally decided to change my gym membership to passport, I can now attend classes in Manila. His class is always fun.

2. Bonding with Jackie 

Jackie and I have been friends since College and we’re work colleagues now as well. But despite being in one office, we hardly have time to just hang out together. We have our lunches but that’s also with our other friends and short too. This past week though, we were able to finally bond together after work. Dinner, shopping and chit chat. We definitely had a great time.

3. Shopping for new shoes

I decided to buy new shoes that I can use at the gym. Actually I bought two and they are sooo cute! I actually got one pair of Puma shoes at less than Php3k! What a steal!

4. Finding a new streaming app that lets me get my reality TV series fix

I am such a fan of reality TV series! Not just Keeping Up with the Kardashians. So I’m glad to have discovered Hayu that has a lot of Hollywood reality TV series!

5.  Getting to hang out with my gym friends

Since I started going to Manila on weekends, I haven’t gotten much time to hang out with my gym friends. But since my Saturday got free, I went to spend time with them – dinner and coffee. Definitely missed them all!

6. Checking out a new mall 

Ayala Malls Manila Bay recently opened and I missed checking it out the first time my friends went. So when Jordan invited me to go, I jumped at the chance. It’s just so nice to check out a new place. It’s so big!

7.  Hang outs with Rej and friends

Rej had invited me to go with him and some of his friends (Nelly and Emil) to their usual weekend hang out a couple of times and it’s been fun.

8. Getting items I really want on sale! 

There were some items including the cute pair of gym shoes and a Seek the Uniq clutch bag that I’ve had on my wish list for a while that went on sale about a month ago so I bought them! I love a shopping steal! 

9. Finally owning the Arete earrings I’ve had my eyes on for a long time

Arete is a local accessory maker that I first encountered last year at a bazaar in Glorietta. Ever since then I’ve been following them on Instagram and occasionally visiting their online shop. Always checking out their earrings and never buying. But I finally let myself bought not just one but two pairs of cute earrings from them! 

10. Personal Training with Rej

Did I tell you guys I finally went back to training? After more than a year! Training with Rej now and I must say it’s been a refreshing change. Since we’re also friends, I’m a little more relaxed around him. We sometimes laugh and chat between workouts. It makes me not dread training days even though my body ends up so sore from three straight days of intense workout. Haha!