Took this post on my way back to Mall of Asia after I alighted the LRT at Buendia. This is how my Sundays are nowadays. Gone are the Body Jam on Sunday mornings and hang out with Ryan after and then home by early afternoon. Now, on Sundays, I find myself in Manila for gym in the afternoon and then arriving home early evening. I can’t believe that even on Sundays the train is packed!

Watching: The Vampire Diaries rerun on Netflix

Already on season 4! The first time I watched this series, I was all for Damon Salvatore getting together with Elena because well Ian Somerhalder is hot and such a bad ass. But now, I see the charm of Stefan. It’s not to say I don’t want Damon for Elena anymore. I still do. I just think now that it’s actually hard to pick between the two.

But you know which pair I’m still rooting for even now? #Klaroline also known as Klaus and Caroline. I know they never ended up together. I went on Google search before and found out that Caroline ended up with Stefan. I never got to finish this series when it was airing before.

Reading: Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Yes, still! I made a little dent over the long weekend but sadly, I’m still not done. Every weekend I tell myself I’ll finish reading this book but I keep breaking that plan. I guess I really gotten into a full reading mode. My brain is too actively thinking of a whole lot of things – I’m distracted. There goes my 2019 GoodReads Challenge down the drain I guess.

Listening: Love and Romance playlist on Spotify

Because I’m feeling happy.

Feeling: Exhausted really! But also happy.

Came from another tiring workout and I came all the way from Manila taking the LRT! I take the train or the jeep home from Manila every weekend. And I either battle the LRT crowd or deal with a slightly longer commuting time when I take the jeep. It can be quite exhausting to do. But since I am having fun, these minor inconveniences don’t bother me so much.

Getting ready for: A new work week!

October’s week after week media events may have finally ended but the events are not over yet. There’s at least one more concrete event happening this week at work. And tomorrow, it’s gonna be a day of back to back meetings. Hello Monday!😅 So I’m savoring this Sunday. The end of the long weekend.

Looking forward to: Bangkok travel!

It’s happening this month! Ahh how time flies! I feel like I’ve just been talking about this plan and now, now it’s just around the corner. Have a lot of preparations to do for it including travel money! But I am excited about the trip – the experience we’re gonna get and the photos of course!

New shopping find: Archie graphic novel, Riverdale volume one.

National Bookstore is having a big, big sale and I found that the Riverdale graphic novel is on sale for only Php300 from its original price of Php799. I just had to buy it.

Plans for the next few weeks:

– Go shopping with one of my besties, Bonsch for outfits to wear in Thailand
– Visit Salcedo Market to find Green Antz booth so I can drop my plastic recyclable items
– Drop off my brown paper bag collection at Silent Beads drop off point as well
– Find time to read my books
– Buy earphones! Because the current ones in a very sad state
– Get a massage! Because a friend gave me a gift certificate to The Spa
– Buy more fashionable workout clothes to wear to the gym