Luzon is on its 4th week of quarantine and there are talks of the enhanced community quarantine being extended – maybe for two more weeks, maybe for another month or two. Even before people were mandated to stay home to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, I have been the kind who didn’t mind staying home because I’m an introvert.

It’s different these days though because we’re going through a pandemic. Even I’m experiencing cabin fever and anxiety. But here are somethings that give me a sense of security and comfort:

1. I Workout 

The gym is closed and we’re really not allowed to go outside for any other business than to buy essential things so I make sure to exercise at least 4-5 times a week at home. Like Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” 

2. I Blog Hop

I like finding new blogs to read and it was something I wasn’t able to do constantly before. But now that I’ve got more time on my hands staying home, I go online and I blog hop.

3. I Stream Movies

Since the enhanced community quarantine, I’ve found myself watching more Netflix and recently, HBO Go. Here are some movies I recently watched.

4. I Read Books

I have over the years accumulated a lot of books – some are gifts, some I borrowed and some I bought from book sale events like Manila International Book Fair and Big Bad Wolf Books. Reading is a relaxing activity.

5. I Put on a Facial Mask

My friend, Ryan, encouraged me to use facial masks more often as a way to pamper the skin and I bought quite a number of it from Watson’s a couple of months ago. It’s a great way to de-stress and I know my skin is also thanking me for giving it some loving.

6. I Soak Up the Morning Sun

Soaking up Vitamin D is also a good way to boost the immune system which is helpful in keeping diseases at bay like COVID-19. Every morning I go out on our backyard to catch some sun for a few minutes. I find it also helps in putting me in a good mood and also ups my energy for the day.

7. I Play Mobile Games 

Mobile games has been a favorite past time of mine ever since. Whenever I need a break from work, when I’m waiting for the train or a meeting or when I’m waiting for a class or my trainer at the gym, I play games. Some of my favorites include June’s Journey (find the missing items game), Sim City and Wordscapes.

8. I Blog

Writing in this blog is a form of creative release for me so thank you for reading.

9. I Listen to Music on Spotify 

My go-to playlist are full of Body Jam tracks.

10. I Talk to my Friends Online

We can’t see each other physically these days but at least, thanks to the Internet, I’m still able to talk to them via Viber and on social media.

11. I Pray

It was harder for me to cope during the first couple of weeks of this enhanced community quarantine. I was constantly scared for myself and for my family but praying helps alleviate my fears and anxiety.

12. I Play with our Cat

We’ve got a cat named, Lucky and he’s just the cutest cat! Pets can be so nice to have around.

13. I Watch Pet Videos Online

Since late last year, I actually found myself following quite a number of pet social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Seeing cute pets online makes me happy. Some of my faves are K’Eyush the Stunt Huskamute, Chowder the Bear Dog and Coconut Rice Bear.

14. I Watch Teleseryes 

I do this mostly on weekday afternoons. It’s one good way I’m bonding with mom.

15.  I Make My Baths Extra Special 

On days when I’m feeling low, waking up not in the mood, I make it a point to use a delicious smelling shower gel and lotion afterwards. It helps to cheer me up for the day ahead. My current faves are Yves Rocher’s vanilla shower gel and lotion.

But more than anything, I also condition my mind to think of better days to come. We’re living in a strange time I know. Who would’ve thought I’d be living through a pandemic, having to shelter in place because there’s a scary virus that’s killing people all around the world right now? I imagine the day where we no longer have to stay home but free to go wherever again. When this whole pandemic is over, I’m definitely going on a travel with my mom and my friends again. I also imagine finally waking up and having to dress up for work and working out at the gym again with my friends. I imagine going to the mall and strolling outside just because.

Better days will come. I know they will. But until then, I’ll continue to do my part in helping to fight off the virus by staying home.