I have a money goal this 2020. 

It’s not just so I can pay off my credit card debts which are a result of my careless spending back when I was younger. Impulsive shopper with a credit card strolling at the mall? Yep, me. Really bad combination. The other reason I’m on a money goal this year is so I can afford to support the lifestyle I want to keep on living. Basically, I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck and end up broke. That’s no fun! 

So what plan did I come up with? Be an online seller. It’s perfect because I’ve been decluttering. Got a lot of stuff just lying around in my room! I’m finally learning to let go. Ha! Ha! 


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
I opened a Carousell account (my 2nd one because the old one got deleted since I was not able to open it for more than a year!) earlier this year and there I’ve started to sell some of my old stuff. I think Carousell is the new digital form of garage sale. 
What am I selling? Well, a mix of stuff really but mostly my books! You see, I’ve collected so many! Just last year, I went on a book shopping spree at Big Bad Wolf Books and no, I haven’t been able to read all the books I bought just yet. But you know, I have to face it. I’m really not going to read all the books I have at home. Some because I got bored after a few pages. Some I bought on an impulse thinking I would read it. And some were books given to me by relatives and friends. 
It started out slow, my online selling. I was busy with work and gym before that I hardly had time to go through my stuff and take photos to upload online. Hardly any inquiry on the books I was selling as well before. But since we since we started sheltering in place due to COVID-19, I’ve had more time on my hands to update the items I’m selling. I’ve even joined a Facebook group that’s all about secondhand books to find more buyers. I’ve seen quite a number of people looking for books that I actually have on hand like Mitch Albom and Dan Brown books. I’m not selling those though! I really enjoyed reading those so I’m keeping them. 
Still, I would say that my online selling project has been working well. I’ve gotten more inquiries and have sold quite a number of books online. It’s a great thing! A big help to boost my income and it also helps me with my decluttering project. Two birds with one stone! Isn’t that awesome? 
And since I know there are still people who are lurking around, waiting to scam people (WHY though?!), I use LBC’s cash on delivery and cash on pick up services. By using this service, I give not only me but also the buyer the peace of mind with our transaction. Luckily, there’s a nearby LBC where I live. 
The lockdown has apparently gotten people interested to read more books! Well we do have nothing but time on our hands these days, right? Thank goodness for technology because without it, I wouldn’t be able to sell stuff in the first place! 
Some people are gardening, some people are cooking and baking. Wel,l I’m selling! If you’re from the Philippines, come check out my Carousell store. You might find something you like!