Photo by David Orsborne from Pexels
While other countries are now enjoying the lifting of lockdown and/or celebrating weeks without COVID-19, the Philippines continuous to be on lockdown More than 100 days and still very from flattening the curve. Actually, cases here are continuously rising. 
I went to the mall a couple of days ago and I felt sad to see that while there were people strolling and shopping, it’s not the same crowd density as it would have been had there been no threat of an infectious and deadly virus. It would be a long time I guess before we can enjoy the experience of going outside to do something so trivial as strolling in the mall again. 
On top of dealing with an unseen enemy, the Philippines is experiencing a whole lot of other issues. 
Last week, on a persona level, I felt more negative emotions from certain events. 
I’ve been feeling so many negative emotions and it sure takes a toll on me. But despite this, I continue to find things that make me happy.
1. Paid off a credit card debt in full!
It has been my goal even before this pandemic happened to pay off my credit card debts and I had honestly worried I wouldn’t be able to pay when COVID-19 hit the Philippines hard and I had to endure a paycut from my company to keep the business afloat. 
I’m still worried of course about my bills but I’m no longer in a scarcity mindset. Being able to shift away from that has really helped me get in control. The result? One card now paid in full and closed! Yay me! There’s still a couple more for me to pay off but I’m celebrating this win. 
2. Being able to visit the mall again after months in lockdown


Before COVID-19, I used to enjoy going to Greenbelt mall in Makati, particularly Greenbelt 3 because of the open area design. It’s so relaxing to just sit on one of the stone benches and take in the view of trees, the blue sky and the people walking by or hanging out at the nearby coffee shop. So when I was at the mall yesterday, I took the chance to take it all in again. Same view minus the crowd. It’s nice to get some sense of normalcy.
3.  A fresh new haircut from my go-to salon

I like keeping my hair short ‘cos it’s easier to maintain and I had every intention of getting a new cut back in March or April before the lockdown was imposed. Now that the government has somewhat relaxed the quarantine measures in place in Metro Manila, salons were allowed to open again but only for haircuts. 
So yeah, I definitely got me a hair cut. 

I indulge my sweet tooth these days more than ever. Be it by drinking a sweet cup of coffee, milk tea or food. These delicious cookies from Chewable Cravings has become a favorite of mine!
5. Starting to embrace being a #Plantita 

Some of my friends have started gardening more and taking care of plants since the lockdown started. It took me a while to do so but I finally am also on my way to being a #Plantita. Bought myself a couple of indoor plants for my room from The Plant Lola recently and I will say that it’s actually added a sense of calm to me. It’s also livened up the view in my room somewhat. 
6. Being able to meet a couple of friends 

With a limited transportation in the Metro and of course with the advise to continue sheltering in place to limit the spread of the virus, I have not seen most of my friends in months. Sure I talk to them online but nothing beats being able to actually see them in person. Luckily, I have a couple of friends who live nearby whom I have been able to see even for just a little while. I really do miss my friends. 

7. Taking care of Lucky
Never been a cat person before but Lucky changed all that for me. He’s just the most adorable cat and taking care of him has brought me so much joy. Pets can be such stress relievers! 

8. Getting all made up

Since I have been working from home for a couple of months now, I am usually just in my normal house clothes and have no make up on. And that’s just fine by me because most days now I feel too lazy to bother. So when I do put on make up these days, it just changes my whole aura. It helps lift my spirit up.
9. Getting a pedicure

It’s so trivial I know but getting a taste of normal in these strange times cheers me up so. Nail salons are closed right now due to the ongoing lockdown but since the modified enhanced quarantine, the neighborhood manicurist has been able to service us. Before the lockdown, I didn’t get pedicures as much because well I’m trying to cut down on expenses. I’ve forgotten how nice it feels  it is just to look at pretty colored nails.

10.  Celebrating Mom’s birthday

I am grateful for my mom. I am grateful to be with her while on lockdown. And I am absolutely grateful to celebrate another year in her life. 

11. And finally, just being able to chat with the guy I like

It’s probably gonna be a long time before we see each other again in person but at least from time to time, I still get to have some form of interaction with him even if that’s all online.💓