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It’s been quite a while since my last The Sunday Currently update. The last one I posted was back in March and we were only going on the 3rd week of lockdown. Who would’ve thought my next one would be in September and we’d still be on lockdown? It’s a frustrating feeling that Philippines has the longest lockdown, cases are still growing while our neighboring countries (Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand) have controlled the spread of the virus in their countries? 

Since the lockdown began, I’ve only stepped foot in the mall once (I miss Greenbelt/Glorietta/Mall of Asia!😥) and that was really just to get a haircut. I’ve not gone to the gym even though it’s now open. I rarely see my friends now too. And I have been working from home for 6 months now. 

While I still miss the freedom we once had before the pandemic began, I will say I can’t complain about sheltering in place. I actually like it. I am not romanticizing this situation but I am savoring being able to slowdown from the hustle and bustle. I like being able to wake up in the morning and actually be able to just sit in my living room for a while drinking coffee. 

Reading: None

I had planned on reading The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes earlier this month but I haven’t been in the mood to read. I don’t know if it’s the book or maybe I just need to find my reading motivation again. Either way, I hope to be reading again next month and hopefully meet my 2020 GoodReads Challenge of reading 12 books this year. I only need to finish reading two books to meet my goal.   

Watching: Alternating between Grey’s Anatomy and Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Re-watching these two series. They’re my guilty pleasures! Though I did recently finish watching Monk (Thanks to Amazon Prime, I finally know how the series ended) and The Home Edit (which makes me want to continue decluttering and organize my stuff). 

Listening: To my Soak up the Sun playlist 

While I’m getting some morning sun, I figured I’d also listen to some music. Both are great mood boosters!  

Feeling: A little scared but also determined 

Yes I’m scared of COVID-19. But my fear right now is more triggered by a recent health diagnosis. I’ve been diagnosed with fibroids. It’s a little ironic that I came in for a different consult and next thing I knew I was being asked to have an ultrasound where my knees shook like crazy that they thought it was because I felt cold when what I was really feeling was nervous. The doctor said I shouldn’t worry even though I have to go back for another checkup next month. 

The good news is it’s benign! Still, if it gets real big I gotta go to surgery. And that is something I don’t want to experience. I’ve read up about this condition more and just as the doctor said, I need not worry. A lot of women experience this and they don’t have experience any symptoms (like me). Fibroids can shrink and go away. I just have to watch my food intake (aka healthier eating, more fruits, veggies) and I gotta keep up with exercise so that’s what I’m going to do. 

Looking forward to: Getting my 2021 Belle de Jour Power Planner 

This pandemic would probably not be over yet by next year (though I hope I’m wrong) so I’m probably not going to have a lot of places to go to still but I love BDJ Planner. It’s so chic. Plus I’ve written a lot of other stuff on my planner (ironic that I’ve written more on it since the lockdown began) so I know I will be able to make good use of it. 

Things I want to buy:

– Dumb bells and kettle bells to add to my workouts at home (they’re available in Lazada/Shopee) 

– Dried flowers (This IG shop has a nice collection and affordable to boot!)

– A web hosting site (I really want to go self hosted and soon!) 

– A new office chair (because my old one’s in need of a replacement) 

– Bags (I have my eyes on these)


Of course I haven’t given in to buying these bags yet because there’s nowhere to go yet. But I definitely love them. I hope they will be waiting for me. 


How’s life on your side of the world lately?