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A light and feel good show or movie to enjoy watching – that’s what we all could use these days while we stay home in a bid to help slow down the spread of COVID-19. And that’s exactly what Netflix dropped last Friday, October 2, with its latest Netflix original series, Emily in Paris!

It stars Lily Collins as Emily, a young marketing professional who just got offered the adventure of a lifetime to move to Paris where she could help provide the American insight to a French boutique marketing firm that her company in Chicago had recently acquired. There in Paris, in the City of Love, she has to juggle career, love life and romance.

I knew I’d love this series from the first time I watched the trailer. It is from Darren Star after all, the creator of my all time favorite HBO series, Sex and the City. What is to love about this comedy-drama series? Plenty! 

1. The location

Hello Paris! Oh what a picturesque city! I would love to be just like Emily in this series, eating croissant, drinking wine and dining in at one of those sidewalk cafes and restaurants.

2. The men 

The guys are good looking I would say this in particular of her American boyfriend, Doug, Antoine, Emily’s married client, Randy Zimmer, the hotelier, Mathieu, the nephew of Parisian designer, Pierre Cadault and of course, my ultimate favorite of them all, Gabriel, the hot neighbor and chef played by Lucas Bravo. I am rooting for Gabriel and Emily!
Emily in Paris hot chef

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If you want to see all the men from Emily in Paris, EOnline has got you covered with this guide!

3. The Story 

It’s just so deliciously entertaining to watch that I finished off this series in one sitting. It’s just 10 episodes anyway though I hope for a Season 2! It’s got some drama, romance, friendship and comedy! A particularly laugh out loud moment for me was Episode 8, Family Affair when Emily meets Camille’s younger brother.

She’s a digital marketing whiz it seems as she also becomes a certified influencer, racking up likes and following on Instagram the moment she moved to Paris, sharing stories and photos of her seemingly having the time of her life in the City of Love. She makes posting on Instagram of whatever (food, a street, friends goofing around etc.) just a fun thing to do, not a care in the world about engagement you may or may not be getting.

The story according to this review has managed to show all the clichès about the French capital and its inhabitants and if you really analyzed this show, you’d most likely say “Yeah that’s not right. In French, impossible.” As someone who works in PR and digital marketing myself, I know the job is not as easy as Emily makes it seem. And maybe the show romanticizes what life in Paris may be like (the French in real life may have a different take about the show and the city they live in) but that’s also what makes it so good.

Gossip Girl and Sex and the City both probably romanticized life in New York city too. And again, so what really? They give us a temporary escape from our real lives.

4.   The fashion

Of course I saved the best for last on what I loved about Emily in Paris. All the gorgeous clothes that Emily wore in the series. Emily is such a fashionista and reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Except she’s in Paris, she’s younger and instead of a career in writing, she’s a social media marketer.

I am so in love with the clothes in this show! It reminds me of the days I ate up Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and Devil Wears Prada because of the fashion.

Emily in Paris LBD

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It’s one fabulous outfit after another! Of course they all look like they’re designer brands that would make you wonder (just like with Carrie Bradshaw), how pray tell does Emily afford all the chic clothes at a mid-exec salary level? Ah but then again, that’s part of the fantasy! 

It does make me miss dressing up! I’m always in my casual, comfy and ordinary house clothes these days without makeup.

Anyway, just watch it! It’s so entertaining to watch and it’ll make you dream of setting foot in Paris even more! Will there be a Season 2? Let’s hope so!