Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We’re down to the last three months of the year! By this time of the year, I usually hear Christmas songs playing in the mall while merchants are displaying and selling both Halloween and Christmas decors at the same time. Oh how I miss those times and how I look forward to those times again. 

Meanwhile, I’ll just be here, sheltering in place and focusing on things I can control. And that’s why I’m going to keep setting these mini monthly goals. 

But first, here’s a recap and update on my September goals

1. Read a book

Nope. Didn’t happen. I was too distracted. Too many other things running in my mind. I started to read the book I chose, Jojo Moyes’ The Last Letter from Your Lover, but I haven’t gotten past the first page. 

2. Stay fit and healthy

Achieved the following: 

a. Workout 3-4x a week 

b. Drink black coffee

c. Get some Vitamin D aka sunshine vitamin

d. Continue drinking vitamins 

e. No rice meals after 6PM 

3. No swiping of credit cards

I was tempted to because I really like a few bags (I shared them here) but whew! I was able to resist. 

4. Continue to pay off my credit card

Oh yes! I’m happy to report that I not only paid off my total remaining balance but I was able to close my second credit card account. 

6. Continue to grow my blog

1. Increase page views to 10,000 – failed. Total blog views last month was 7, 993. It’s far from my target but almost 8k isn’t bad for a blog that used to average 3-4k visits a month. 

2. Earn $16 from ads – achieved! Yay!

3. Learn more about affiliate marketing – failed. I knew it was part of my goals for September but I just didn’t get around to it. 

Now, let me share what my October goals

Personal Goals

1. Read a book and finish it

I really want to achieve my goal of reading 12 books this year and I only need to finish reading 2 to get that.  

2. Make a sale 

I have not been very active with selling my old stuff for the past two months, mainly because I had trouble getting around due to my big toe infection. I’m actually lucky I even managed to make a sale last month. 

3. Maximize my gym membership by attending more virtual classes offered  

I had my membership put on freeze since I have no intentions of working out at the gym anytime soon since experts say the gym is a high risk area. But I love that Fitness First understands that a lot of their members would most likely not be willing to return to the gym yet so they started offering virtual classes. So now, my freeze fee is put to good use because of the virtual classes. 

Blogging Goals

4. Do a Halloween themed blog post or 2 

I once shared my Top 10 favorite scary films and favorite slasher film. I most likely will share another round of scary films I love but I’d love to add variety to that. 

5. Gain 8,000 visits on my blog

So I decided maybe 10k is too ambitious at this point for me. Because I wanted to hit 10k views last month, I had found myself feeling stressed out, looking at the blog views I got everyday and then racking my brain for what posts to write and/or promote just to hit the number. 

8,000 views seems more realistic right now. If I get more than that, then great! 

6. Earn $17 on Google ads

Help me guys! If you like what I’m sharing here, please just click an ad or two on my blog too. $17 is still far from $100 which is the amount I would need to be able to cash out but you know, a little click goes a long way.

7. Study keywords/SEO    

It’s one of the things I’ve read on other blogs that can help me gain more traffic on the blog so I want to read up on this and see how I can apply it on my blog. 

I feel good about these goals I’ve set for myself and I’m especially excited about my blogging goals! Are you guys setting goals too for yourself this October? Share away on the comments section and let’s learn from each other!