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Small details make a big difference. When it comes to fashion and style, these small details can make or break a look. Accessories are one of those things that shouldn’t be overlooked but rather given attention to. Finding the right accessory is a challenge encountered by a lot of women! When it comes to accessorizing right, jewellery is is one of those secrets to renew your look.

If choosing the right jewellery for a party dress is a challenge, now imagine it being your wedding dress. Every bride has a different vision of the beauty they want to project, the colours they want to choose and how they wish to be portrayed. For some, it’s a subtle tack, with muted colours and minimal accessories; for other brides, it is bold statement pieces. To ensure that you’re choosing correctly, you should always seek out some advice, because this look will be here to serve you for a lifetime, and for the future generations to take inspiration from too. The wedding ring is most definitely the heart of the look, so this would help you harness your ideas. For example, a 2 carat diamond ring will not only look elegant, but could be complemented with lace. These are the minor details that you should always seek to find. 

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Whether you prefer a modern wedding dress or a simpler one, its design is the one that will largely set the tone for choosing the right jewelry. For example, “V” necklines allow longer necklaces to be worn, either in the front or in the back; while, with square and round necklines, chokers are preferable. This can add elegance to the outfit whilst not detracting from any other element of the outfit. 


In both cases, the objective is to maintain the harmony of the look, considering that these accessories draw attention to the upper part. Therefore, the shape of the face, the updo or loose hairstyle and the headdress play the main role when choosing. If your face is round, you can use long narrow earrings; if it is elongated, balance it with wide slopes; if it is square, replace the angular and square earrings with circles or curved shapes; If it’s heart-shaped, some bell-shaped chandelier earrings will offset your little chin.

The colours.

Diamonds and white pearls are elegant by tradition, they shine by themselves no matter how simple the design of the jewellery seems. If your wedding is outdoors or you define a particular theme, for example, vintage, you can opt for stones of different colours such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, citrine, which will highlight your wedding dress with lace. Precious stones, based on their colour, have a meaning; so be sure to take this into account. Look at the ones that you most identify with, for example, the aquamarine stone symbolizes fidelity; the ruby, confidence; tourmaline, the power of union; the amethyst is the protective stone and the emerald that of love.

The options are varied when we talk about jewellery but remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and as you have always dreamed of. Take your time, review several options and choose the ones ideal for you for the dreamiest of days.