I’ve been doing my part to be more eco-conscious for awhile now. As with most people, I started off with recycling. Then I started the practice of refuse. And now I’m also practicing reusing items! In one of my recent browsing of Facebook group feeds, I stumbled upon someone who shared about her recent achievement – opening a zero waste store and it was just a couple of streets away from where I live! 

Luminary PH

This store encourages customers to bring your own containers and do refills. I just had to visit the store soonest I could so with my cousin in tow, off we went to visit the Luminary

Here’s a look at the inside of the store:

They have kitchen essentials like salt, palm oil, vinegar and soy sauce that you can refill. 

For the those trying to eat healthy, they even have quinoa, brown adlai and dinorado rice. 

There are also snacks like roasted almonds, roasted cashews and spicy peanuts offered at the Luminary store

They also have various spices and seasonings like chili powder, chili flakes, cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder. 

They also have diswashing liquid soap, hand soap and fabric conditioner. They have a chemist in the household
They also have these cute tote bags for sale

Items from this store are priced per kilo. Affordable pricing! Here are what we bought from the Luminary:

That’s not soda! It’s green apple hand soap. It was perfect timing as we were already low on supply. I was even thinking of purchasing Suds Sustainable Pods. With Luminary around and within walking distance, I can just drop by the store to refill again. 

My cousin is a fan of spicy food so she bought this chili powder which she now puts on almost every food she eats! Not kidding! Now she can just refill it at the Luminary once she runs low on supply.

I also bought these roasted almonds which I intended to snack on during afternoons. Healthy too yeah? It didn’t last me a day though because mom also wanted to snack on it! Must buy more on a bigger container preferably. 

Oh that bottle containing the almonds? I bought that at Luminary also since we were really only intending to buy handwash soap so it’s the only container we brought. They have different sized bottles you can choose from. 

As someone trying to reduce her waste, the establishment of Luminary is great news! It’s a small business that’s also about empowering, inspiring and educating the community to make the best choices for healthy and environment-friendly living, paying less but also consuming quality.