Photo by Maksim Goncharenok from Pexels

Hey guys! So it’s now November which means it’s time to revisit the goals I set for October and make new ones that I hope to achieve this month.
So here’s a recap of my October goals 

Personal Goals

1. Read a book and finish it

Achieved! In fact, I’m happy to say that I finished reading two books last month! Will be sharing a review of Jojo Moyes’ The Last Letter from Your Lover and Jasmin Guillory’s Party of Two soon. 

2. Make a sale 

Yes, also achieved! I sold a few more Cosmopolitan back issue magazines last month. 

3. Maximize my gym membership by attending more virtual classes offered  

Monday mornings and some Friday nights had been allotted to attending Body Jam classes. I’ve come to appreciate having Body Jam as part of my home exercise routine as much as I’ve loved attending it at the gym. So yes, this goal has been achieved! 

Blogging Goals

4. Do a Halloween themed blog post or 2 

I have written three blog posts dedicated to Halloween this year. I participated in Hallotober which is this fun bloggers tag, shared some film recommendations for those who don’t like horror films and also talked about some spooky places in the Philippines I would like to visit. 

5. Gain 8,000 visits on my blog

Okay so honestly I thought I wasn’t going to hit this goal again for the 2nd month in a row because with four days left in the month, my page views were only about 6,000 plus. And since I was sick these past couple of days, I didn’t really get to visit any blog or do much promotion of my posts. But what a good surprise it was to open my blog statistics page to see that I actually did manage to get 8,000 views on this blog for October! 

6. Earn $17 on Google ads

Ah yes. I came up a little short on this. My blog managed to earn $16.75 in advertising revenues last month. Oh well. As they say, just gotta try and try again. 

7. Study keywords/SEO    

Well I did do some reading up on this. But I guess it’s really more a long term goal to be achieved because I have so much more reading up and learning to do on this! 

So what would be my goals for November? 


1. Start a travel fund 

While we’re living through this pandemic, I will not be going on any travel. Not abroad. Not even locally. I’ll be waiting ’til it’s safe to do so again. So I think now would be a good time for me to save for my future travels particularly a travel fund for Europe! My friends and I have always had Europe in our travel bucket list but we know it’ll take a lot of money to be able to do that what with show money for visa, flight and accommodation and of course funds for food and leisure. 

I no longer want money to be a problem for when the time comes that we can safely travel again. And I no longer want to keep saying I can’t afford Europe travel yet. I’m already in my mid-thirties.

2. Rebuild my emergency fund 

I had two medical expenses these past couple of months which had me dipping into my savings. My goal for this month is to return the money I spent before. 

3. Make a sale

The long term goal is to have other means of earning of course. But for now, any sale I make from my Carousell store goes to helping me pay off my credit card debt. I still have 2 credit cards I aim to pay in full and close account. 

4. Propagate one of my plants 

I’m continuously embracing the #Plantita life. And since some of my plant babies have been growing new leaves, I thought well why not try my hand at propagating them? Who knows? If I’m successful,  maybe I could even sell them and use the money to buy more plants! 

Blogging Goals 

1. Continue my streak of 8,000 page views this month 

It’s already so amazing to know that in just the couple of months of effort I put into growing my blog, I’ve already been able to double the page views I get here in a month. Thank you guys for visiting and reading my blog even those who are just silent readers. I’m glad you like what you’re reading here that you keep coming back! 

2. Earn $18 total from my ad revenues

Thanks for those who have clicked on the ads you find in this blog! Every click you do helps me get to the ultimate goal of $100 when I can finally withdraw the money. I know I still have a long way to go really! 

3. Make an affiliate marketing sale on Amazon (well I’m gonna try at least!) 

Okay, I’m still really a newbie with this whole affiliate marketing sale and truth be told, I’m not sure if Amazon is the right affiliate marketing for me (I don’t really know if a lot of people in the Philippines buy stuff on Amazon considering we have so many e-commerce sites here like Shopee and Lazada). But well, I still have 90 days left in this program to make a sale (otherwise, they’re kicking me out!😆) so I shall do my best to promote and make a sale! 

So those are the things I want to achieve for November. What about you?