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Can you guys believe how fast October went by? I can’t believe it’s now November and we’re down to the last two months of this year. I am still working from home and would most likely be doing so even until early next year or until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19. It will all depend really on the company I work for but I personally would prefer to be working from home until that virus is gone. On top of living through a pandemic, it’s now La Niña in the country. In fact as I write this, it is gloomy and windy outside with some scattered rains. It’s also quiet in the neighborhood. We’re bracing for Typhoon Rolly that’s predicted to arrive in Metro Manila tonight. Hopefully it’ll pass through quickly without much damage to properties and no casualties. 

Anyway, now that October has ended, it’s time to share again how my month had been which is something I started doing last month. 


1. Had a Halloween virtual party with my friends from work 

We planned this virtual get together last month where we all agreed to buy gifts for a lucky someone from the group (electronically picked thanks to Drawnames). No wish list were made. The idea was to buy presents that we think describes the person. I had enjoyed shopping for gifts for my friend, Fate! 

I bought her a plant fertilizer from The Plant Lola because she is also a plant lover, drip coffee from Tara Kape MNL because she loves, loves, loves coffee and lip serum from Marta’s Handmade because she’s so kikay! I’m glad she loved my presents as much as I loved curating my gifts for her. Even put it in a Tommy Hilfiger paper bag because they said it ought to be IG worthy! Thank you Ryan for the paper bag!😆

2. Planted vegetable seeds in the garden

So we have this spacious garden area in our house which have quite a number of plants in it. It used to be full of vegetables, flowers and trees but for some reason the people in our house stopped planting those. Well, I got inspired to grow back vegetables in our garden since attending this virtual seminar we held for one of our clients wherein one of the speakers talked and showed off her thriving garden full of plants for decor and various vegetables which she and her family now use not only for cooking food at home but also for their restaurant. I mean, that is amazing! She’s living a sustainable lifestyle by growing her own produce!

I bought these seeds and I planted them in our backyard. I thought I’d start with just three for now since I’m just getting my feet wet. Eventually, I will plant more vegetables in our garden. They’re growing nicely so far. I post updates on Instagram and Twitter so follow me there if you want to see updates on my plants! 

Freshpicks Manila

3.  Health update: fibroids seem to be on a slow growth 

Whew! I’m not totally out of the woods because it is there. I just have to take better care of me. Continue to eat healthier (more greens!), exercise and to hopefully further help slow down the growth, I bought this turmeric supplement which I drink in the morning on an empty stomach. Did you know that turmeric is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant? These are just a couple of its health benefits. 

Turmeric supplement

4. Got another new plant

Yes! Another one. I’m really embracing the #Plantita life. I wasn’t initially planning to buy just yet – what with all the plants I want to buy – but it was less than a Php100 and pretty so I bought two already! 

Wandering Jew Lilac

This wandering jew may be small right now but I know with proper care, I’ll be able to grow this baby out and propagate them too! 
5. Went to the mall twice this month 
In pre-pandemic times, this won’t be worth talking about specially since I am a mall rat. But these days, I hardly ever leave the vicinity of my neighborhood. This month, however, I visited the mall twice. One was for a non-essential thing. I met with a friend for coffee and strolling at the mall. I wanted to try Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte and I have been missing my friends so I thought I’d hit two birds with one stone (three when we count the mall!). I had a nice time doing it too and might do it again some time in the near future with some other friends. 

A work colleague whom I liked working with because of his passion and knowledge for the job resigned unexpectedly. Also work has become so much more stressful. It’s becoming a bothersome stress.😔
October Discoveries

Farm to Folk PH: advocates local produce and source directly from their partners hailing from various parts of the Philippines. This is where I bought my turmeric supplement.  
Fresh Picks MNL: created to help new plant parents, aspiring plant parents and even those who are already Plant Titos and Titas of Manila to easily grow their own food at home. This is where I bought my seeds. 
Jane the Virgin – okay, this is not a new discovery. I watched this series before but I stopped midway into season 2 I think. But I’m re-watching now and rediscovering just how delightful it is to watch this series! 
So that’s my October. What have you guys been up to last month? I’d love to hear how October went for you too. In fact, if you also blog about this kind of thing, do drop your link in the comment section so I can visit and read about it in your blog!