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Merry Christmas everybody! I can’t believe it’s already December! Are you already thinking of your Christmas wish list? I have lots of wishes for Christmas! But really my main wish, the one non-material wish I have is for this pandemic to end! The news about Moderna and Pfizer and BioNtech’s COVID vaccine efficacy certainly raises my hopes up that we’re nearing the light at the end of this very dark and very lonely tunnel. 

Anyhoo, as we all wait for that wish to become a reality, life has to go on and so here I am, continuing to set goals that I want to achieve. And just like the previous months since I started setting and sharing my monthly goals, I’m revisiting first and foremost the goals I set for November and sharing with everyone how I fared out.


1. Start a travel fund  

Started! Earlier this year, I decided on an invisible money challenge wherein I keep all the Php50 I get and not spend it. That stopped around March but I have revived it for this goal. I’ve yet to reach Php1000 but I’ll get there soon enough. 

2. Rebuild emergency fund

I’m proud to say that I was at least able to bring my funds back up to the minimum required amount at the bank to avoid being debited for being below minimum. 

3. Make a sale

Yes I did! I made not one but two sales in November! One was for my friend who’s also doing some decluttering. Then I sold the home and living magazines I have kept lying around the house so goal achieved! Didn’t put the money into paying off my credit card though. I added it to my emergency funds. 

4. Propagate one of my plants

I successfully did this too! I propagated my lush Red Anne Nerve Fittonia as well as my Five Finger plant. I shared a video of that on my November wrapup. I’m happy to say that the plants are growing well.😀

As for my blogging goals, well I did nicely there too for November.

1. 8,000 page views – Achieved and actually, exceeded! I ended November with the highest blog page views I’ve ever gotten since I started this blog with almost 16,000 page views! Thank you guys as always for reading my blog! 

2. Earn $18 on ad revenues 

November ad sense report says I made $21.69! 

3. Make an affiliate marketing sale on Amazon 

Well no. I failed at this.😅 And since it’s already December, I’m about to be kicked out of that affiliate program again! Oh well. I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise for me that I have not been able to make a sale at Amazon. I’ve never bought anything from Amazon myself!   

As for December, these are the things I want to achieve:

1. Pay off 1 or 2 more credit card debts and close account

I know where my 13th month pay will be going.  

2. Do some more decluttering 

I really have so much stuff just lying around, just gathering dust now. Blame it on my hoarding mentality. 

3. Continue building up my travel and emergency funds 

These two are really long term goals. Last month was just a start.

4. No swiping of credit cards 

It’s gonna be Christmas soon which means gift giving! And that usually puts a dent on my finances. This year, I aim to be smart about gift giving. And that starts with no swiping of credit cards just to buy stuff. 

And for blogging, these are what I have planned:

1. Grow my blog page views to 20,000 

This is a big leap I’m doing! But considering I almost reached 16,000 page views last month, I’m thinking I can reach this number. 

2. Earn $22 from ad revenues 

This year has already been spectacular in helping me earn from ad sense which for the longest time was stuck at $13. To actually get to $21 is already amazing but if you’re also a blogger who’s trying to monetize his/her blog via adsense, you know that the only time you will actually be able to make good use of the earnings is when it reaches USD100, when Google finally allows you to cash out.  

So dear readers, help me out? As always, click away at those ads! 

3. Grow my Facebook page to 500 followers – organically

I’m currently sitting at 452 followers. I think it’s high time to also grow my social media following as I aim to grow my blog.

4. Grow my bookstagram account to 200 followers – organically

Because I love reading and sharing photos of books I read, currently reading or want to read and also writing reviews of books I read, I decided to take my love for books on another level – bookstagram! So if you love books too, how about we follow each other on Instagram? My handle is @readingkindofliz. 

5. Do 2 or more Christmas themed blog post   

It is the season! And next to Halloween, Christmas is my favorite occasion to celebrate. So watch out for those Christmas posts. 

I know I have set quite big goals for this month specially for my blog! Well, it is the last month of the year so I wanna make it count and end the year on a high! What are your goals for the month?