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 Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

There’s a reason Christmas is called the most wonderful time of the year. As a kid, I was always excited about this season because I knew that a) I was going to get presents – a whole lot of it (perks of being an only child) and 2) school’s out for at least two weeks. Fast forward to years later and I would say I have found more reasons to love about Christmas! 

Here are 7 things I love about Christmas season:

1) The decors

During this time of the year, everywhere I go, there are Christmas decors displayed from the malls’ giant Christmas trees, Christmas lanterns and lights and giant candy canes and gift mock ups. It’s so festive to look at displays in happy colors of green, red, gold and silver. 

This was such a lovely Christmas at S Maison mall which I couldn’t resist having my photo taken at when my friends and I passed by after coffee at the nearby Starbucks. This was taken a couple of years ago already but everytime S Maison puts up this tree decor I still can’t help but admire it for its beauty. 

2) The Christmas lights and sounds show at Ayala Triangle, Makati

This has been an annual tradition of mine since the lights and sounds show of Makati began a few years back. I love watching it with my friends, my family and even just by myself. Last year, Makati outdid itself by adding a ceiling show projection too. It’s so beautiful, magical and yes, very worthy of sharing on Instagram. 

This year, Makati’s doing it a little differently – they’ve gone virtual – since we can’t all gather around the park to watch it due to the pandemic. Still, it’s so fun to watch! Check it out here.

3) Starbucks’ holiday drinks 

When Starbucks starts the red cups, I know that Christmas is just around the corner. This year they have Baked Apple Latte along with their staples, Toffee Nut and Peppermint Mocha. I always love ordering red cups while hanging out with friends at the coffee shop. 

4) Dinner, drinks and exchange gifts with friends

It’s another annual tradition with some of my friends that we plan a dinner and drinks get together in a restaurant we’ve not been to before. After dinner, we do our exchange gifts where we usually do a little guessing game (who’s about to get the gift) either by describing the gift or something about the gift recipient. 

5. Christmas meal with the family 

Mom cooks up a lot during Christmas holiday! We usually have beef morcon (my Dad’s favorite), macaroni or potato salad, rice and pasta with choice of red or white sauce and leche flan or buko pandan for dessert.

6. All the Christmas sales 

There’s so many sales during this time of the year – be it at the mall or online, there are a whole lot it! Granted, I don’t always participate in the sales events but I do love checking out the marked down items specially in the department of fashion and beauty. 

I remember last year, around the end of November, my friends at work and I went to the mall just to grab lunch really after a client meeting then we stumbled upon this big sale at Freyja store where they sold a lot of beauty stuff we love from make up, skin care and even perfumes. A lot of us spent our salaries and Christmas bonus at that sale! But it was so darn fun! 

This year, well, I’m not hitting any store sale. But I may be checking out some items from the upcoming 12.12 sale on Lazada and Shopee

7. Planner season 

And because Christmas season also means we’re at the last month of the year, a new year is also just around the corner. It’s the time of the year where I look back at the events of the year that’s about to end and how I want the new year to be for me. I think of the goals I want to achieve in the new year and I put it all down in a planner. I even used to get together with my two best friends to plan our year together. 

Some people collect stickers/stamps at Starbucks for a planner; some do the same at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or some other coffee shop that also offer planners after collecting some stamps. My personal favorite’s not from a coffee shop planner. My favorite’s the Belle de Jour Power Planner from Viviamo Inc. It’s so chic and it has loads of discount coupons from partner establishments and articles within the planner that can inspire someone to reach for their goals and make their dreams happen. 


We’re still on some sort of lockdown (even if a lot of establishments have been allowed to open now) and the cases of COVID-19 in the country continue to grow so I honestly thought I would probably not be feeling merry and bright about this season. But I’m choosing to embrace and celebrate Christmas still and finding reasons why I actually love this holiday. 

Tell me, what do you love about this season?