After years of blogging as a hobby on Blogger, last year I finally decided I’m going to get serious with earning from my blog. I know I’ve said that a thousand times before that I want to earn from blogging but I’ve been putting on the effort this time around.

As a result, I’ve started seeing a little bit more earning on Google ad sense (the goal is to reach $100 to finally be able to withdraw); I’ve landed a few sponsored posts and I’ve also earned a little bit from affiliate marketing. Don’t expect an income report from me though because my earnings are still very small. Still, I’m happy about these small wins.

Speaking of small wins, I’m celebrating the fact that my blog is finally self hosted! Yay! It’s been almost a month now since I made the big move and I just want to share that I chose GreenGeeks as my web hosting service provider.

Green Web Hosting

Why did I choose GreenGeeks? GreenGeeks is a leader in green web hosting. As someone who’s been making efforts to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, knowing about their 300% green energy commitment definitely piqued my interest.

eco friendly web hosting service

I first read about GreenGeeks from another blogger. Did you guys know that the Internet is actually a big polluter? I didn’t know either until I read up about it. This article offers some insight on green hosting.

GreenGeeks Review

There are a lot of other more popular services out there for web hosting. I did my research of course before I went ahead with GreenGeeks because I would hate to waste my money on a provider that won’t be any good at all and would only stress me out. Both things I could do without!

I am not a technical person so I can’t really do a detailed review for you. For that I offer you this review which I found very helpful. What I can share though is my experience with them as I did my blog migration process all by myself! I’m so proud of that!

greengeeks green hosting

As I mentioned, I was with Blogger for the longest time. For beginner bloggers or hobby bloggers, it’s definitely a great platform to start with. Since I was going self hosted, I had to move my content from Blogger to GreenGeeks offers free migration but I wanted to do it myself. It was pretty easy. I followed these migration steps .

What I did have a problem with though was getting my site live on You see, a lot of the sites I read about migrating content did not talk about what I would do if I had a pre-existing domain name from another site. GreenGeeks offers a free domain registration if you don’t have one yet but I already had one with GoDaddy. I read though that it’s better to actually have your domain name registered separately so that in the event you want to change hosting providers, you get to keep your domain and not have to wait for 60 days for it lapse into expiration so you can use it again. I got help from their 24/7 customer service support via live chat. Customer support I chatted with was friendly and he was definitely able to help me resolve my issue.

So here I am, blogging as Pieces of Liz still but now on my own self hosted blog site! If you want to get your blog self hosted on GreenGeeks too, you can sign up using my affiliate link on the sidebar.