Now that June is just about over (it’s the last day of the month!), we’ve officially finished the first half of the year. Before you know it, Jose Mari Chan’s Christmas songs will be all over the airwaves again. I expect I’d be seeing people posting those Jose Mari Chan memes again on Facebook because like clockwork, people share these around this time of the year. And so, as has been my practice for a few months now, I’m here to share with you all a few updates of how the month of June went for me in this half year wrap up.

Exploring the City

Unlike the previous months, I went out on a few times this June. Not far of course. Just around Makati, well within my comfort bubble. I had brunch at a recently opened restaurant in Poblacion, Makati, to grab dinner with friends to cap off a work week and to finally get a haircut. I’m still happy to stay home most days because I know it’s still not safe yet to go out. The threat of COVID-19 is still very much present. But I need a change of environment from time to time needed as well as some face to face socialization with a friend or two so I don’t start overthinking again.

COVID-19 Vaccine Status

Also part of this half year wrap up is an update on my family’s vaccination status. Last month, as part of my May wrap up post, I shared that my mom got her vaccine first dose finally! This month, my uncle and I got ours since A4 category vaccine registration was opened. So in our household, we’ve all gotten our first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

half year wrap up: 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine done

My mom accompanied me when I got my shot. I got Sinovac and so did my uncle. By next month, we’re both fully vaccinated. I hesitated at first and it had to do with the brand. But well, experts said the best vaccine is the one available. Though truth be told, it’s easier to wrap your head around this motto if your choices were brands that have high efficacies such as Astrazeneca, Moderna or Pfizer like in the UK and US. Still, I went to get my shot. I don’t want to let my brand consciousness be the cause of my sickness. It’s not the best vaccine brand out there but it’s better than no protection. She took that photo of me by the way. Took us a few shots to get it right. And by that I mean, not blurred! LOL!

I continue to follow closely the news about vaccines and its efficacy with the COVID-19 variants such as Delta. I read we might need a booster shot in a few months time. Truth be told though, I do have a little vaccine jealousy. I know some of my peers got Pfizer dose. How to deal?

Even when I get fully vaccinated, I won’t be letting my guard down. I will continue to act like someone who hasn’t had her shot.

Other Health Updates

My health suffered a bit this month. I got an awful cold for the first couple of weeks because I got rained on. Silly me thought I wouldn’t get sick from a few droplets. My immune system told me otherwise. Also suffered from stomach flu. Actually still recovering from that. No coffee for a bit. I need to give my stomach time to recover and not upset it further.

Mentally, also am continuing to address my anxiety. I get sick physically these days and my brain goes into overdrive, fearing the worst! I don’t know if it’s because I have been cooped up at home for the longest time and not being as busy as before. That’s why I’ve allowed myself to go out more really. To distract my mind. At least when I have plans to meet up with friends or go somewhere, that’s where I can focus my thoughts on. Something nice and positive.

June Reads

I finished reading one book this month and that’s Jojo Moyes’ Paris for One. Read my review. But I also started another novel this month from the same author. Currently reading Jojo Moyes’ One Plus One.


I allowed myself to do some shopping this month other than plants. This June, I bought myself a new bag from Shop Style Cat, a local brand that I really love and some books from the Big Bad Wolf Books online sale. I’ll share the books I bought some other time since delivery’s going to take a month! Meantime, check out the bag I bought.

half year wrap up shopping update

Anyhow, that’s it for my June half year wrap up! Next month I hope things will be better. It’s going to be my birth month!