I’ve loved the convenience of online shopping, more so nowadays when it’s the safer option for us while in a pandemic. And because we are in a pandemic, being able to save is also a priority for me! Good thing I’ve found some ways to save money while online shopping.

Here are a few tips from me:

Tip #1: Wait for Sale Days

Online sales seems to be happening more often these days like payday sales or same number sales like (7.7; 8.8). Have you guys noticed that too? So for my first tip on how to save money while online shopping, watch out for those sale days! Particularly with the likes of Lazada or Shopee, they announce it ahead of time and products that are participating in the sale usually have sale banners on the photo.

Tip #2: Use Vouchers

The thing about online shopping is you’re usually paying more compared to when you shop at a physical store. This is due of course to shipping fees. Whether it’s buying food, essentials or items from my want list, I like to avail vouchers to lessen the cost of the item I’m paying for. At Shopee, I usually avail free shipping vouchers or cashback vouchers. At Foodpanda, I redeem points from the rewards shop so I can get discounts from ordering food online which can be from Php80 to Php1500.

Tip #3 Use Coins

Another tip to save money while online shopping is to accumulate coins from the likes of Lazada and Shopee. These coins are as good as cash so when you’re buying something from their site, you can use the coins to slash a few pesos from your total price.

For Lazada, you can get these coins from cashing in and playing Balloon Game or from completing missions. For Shopee, there are plenty more ways to earn coins! My favorite ways to earn coins from Shopee are from playing games, checking in everyday and leaving reviews of the products I bought.

Tip #4 Use E-Wallets

In connection with #2 where I mentioned using free shipping vouchers, in Shopee in particular, I like to use Shopee Pay to pay for my purchases. When you use Shopee Pay and the amount you’re buying qualifies, you can use the free shipping voucher! It’s two birds with one stone because not only are you lessening contact with the courier delivering the item, you’re also able to save money!

Also if you’re a Paymaya or Gcash user, you should watch out for those tie up promos that usually happen on sale days. The convenience of using cashless payments plus discount deals. Awesome right?

Tip #5 Use Shopback

For my last tip, I also like to use Shopback whenever I do online shopping. Shopback is a cashback app which I’ve been using for a couple of years now. I’m glad to say that this cashback app has grown considerably through the years – more deals and more brand partners!

Once accumulated cashback reaches Php200, the cashback can be withdrawn to your bank account. So there’s added savings from online shopping!

Do you have other tips to share on how to save money while online shopping? Share it with me on the comments below! I’m always on the lookout for ways to save some moolah!