I have been sorely neglecting my blog again! I feel bad about it. What have I been up to? Work mostly. The Omicron surge subsided. We’re now at Level 1, the lowest quarantine classification in Metro Manila. More businesses are opening up and more people are going out. I’ve been soooo busy these past few months. Sometimes busy is good. But I am burned out. Definitely not the best way to start the year. That’s why my March 2022 wrap up post title is a whirlwind end to the first quarter.

What I Am Looking Forward To

The Holy Week break. It’ll be my chance to slow down, reflect to gain more clarity on how I want my 2022 to be like and refresh. I came to 2021 knowing full well how I see life to be, an abundant year, can’t say the same for 2022.

Return to Office

I took a photo of my “office” recently and used that as the featured photo for my March 2022 wrap up. We’re returning to the office. It’s a not complete return yet but more like a hybrid setup where people go to the office or to a client meeting when needed. I don’t mind an airconditioned office on a hot summer day though I honestly like and prefer working from home.

Small Business Win

We made the biggest sale so far for our small business, Reader’s Den MNL last month and so it is worth mentioning that in my March 2022 wrap up as well! I enjoy running this small business because it’s something I like. Books!

Lounge Wear Mondays

One last thing I want to share is that I’m trying to shake up my workday routine especially on Mondays. I work from home so I usually am wearing pambahay clothes (shorts and a sleeved shirt) and no makeup. So on Mondays, I’m making it a point to change into some dressier outfits (lounge wear) and putting on just a wee bit of makeup too. It’s kinda nice. And it’s helping give my spirits a lift.

And that’s about it for my March updates. I’m determined to turn things around for me this second quarter of the year. I just gotta get my bearings first.