After a hellish emotional week, I’m finally starting to feel good again. While at a friend’s house somewhere in Tomas Morato, QC where I was pulling a supposed all nighter to finish a school requirement, I got to reflect on the recent events that have taken place in my life as I stayed up all night until the breaking dawn. I’ve come to realize that I had hit a road block and I haven’t been making any way to find a new route, a detour, that will lead me back to my plan.

Yesterday, it has finally, finally, finally dawned on me that what I need to do. I need to break free from all the negativity. When something or someone is not helping you grow to be the best person you can be, then it’s not worth keeping. So this is me, letting it all go – throwing all that pain, rejection, frustration, disappointment and anger out the window and letting the wind blow it all away.

I’m also throwing out the fear of the unknown, of stepping into unfamiliar territory without someone to hold my hand. It’s about time to grow up and so I went and enrolled in subjects that I want to take up despite the fact that my new found friends might not be there. I will not return to the comfort zone no matter how nice it looks. I am breaking free, hence the song of my life right now is “Breaking Free”.