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I didn’t turn in until about 3 am. Spent the night watching reruns of Sex and the City series on the  Velvet channel first and then a bit of Shutter, a horror movie, on Star Movies, Sweeney Todd on HBO, and finally, I Know Who Killed Me. Let me share with you my I Know Who Killed Me movie review.

What’s the Movie About?

I Know Who Killed Me is a Lindsay Lohan movie and it’s supposed to be a mystery thriller kind of movie. It’s about a young woman played by Lohan, who disappears mysteriously and is reported missing. That is until she reappears but she claims to be a different person entirely.

What I Thought of I Know Who Killed Me

I Know Who Killed Me movie review got negative feedback from the critics. It also flopped at the box office. I think it’s probably the lowest-selling movie of Lindsay Lohan. I don’t think it was shown here in Philippine cinemas.

As a fan of the actress, I was curious to see the movie for myself so I watched it when I saw it on the schedule. So critics didn’t like it. What about my own I Know Who Killed Me movie review? I agree with the critics. It was a very bad movie. Downright awful. Even Lilo’s charm couldn’t salvage that movie! No wonder it tanked. It was a dragging movie. It’s the kind of late-night movie at home that will lull you to sleep.

This movie should have gone straight to DVD like her other movie, Labor Pains.

I Know Who Killed Me Movie Review Wrap Up

Lindsay Lohan needs a new movie pronto – one that has a good story plot, a cute leading man for  a romcom and a movie that will allow LiLo to showcase her acting skills. She’s a talented actress, if only she’d clean up her act.