Confession: I had a summer romance. 
It was about a couple of months back when I first “met” him. Yes, that’s a quote, unquote because it was really an online thing. I knew him from way back when I was still in elementary. He was a year older than I was and he was very cute! I’ve always had a crush on him even back then…It just wasn’t intense back then. One because we never really talked. Second because there was always some other guy who caught my attention more..especially when I was in high school.
I saw him on Facebook one afternoon and thought what the heck, I’d add him. Did not expect he’d reach out to me… We talked and he turned out to be a good conversationalist. Well this time the crush I had intensified into something more. And I thought he felt the same. Unfortunately… the summer romance only lasted for a short while. 
I was disappointed of course. And yes it hurt. But I’m not one to stay down. I wallow… but I get back up and learn to move on. You know how some girls go out and spend money on making themselves look hotter post break up? Well…I become geekier. Haha. After my first serious heartache, I focused on studying and became an honor student in school. After the second, I devoted my time and energy at work and went to graduate school. This time? I wrote about it… Do read it yeah? (“,)