When I was in high school, Freestyle songs were part of the soundtrack of  a lot of teenagers’ real life love stories. Till I Found You was the “pampakilig” song of the guys who wanted to get the sweet “Yes” of their prospective girlfriend and it was also the ultimate couples’ song. So Slow was dedicated by girls to their boyfriends because they believed that they shouldn’t give in to their teenage hormonal urges in fear of losing the romance/sweetness of their relationship. And of course, Before I Let You Go was the ultimate sad breakup song in those days!

That’s just something I observed from a distance because I was a late bloomer who spent my high school years pining for one guy until graduation day and therefore did not give any other guy a fighting chance. Freestyle was not part of my high school love story soundtrack. But I loved them anyway. 
Fast forward years later and Freestyle is still making sweet music – granted the vocalists are different now -no more Jinky and Top and granted they are cover songs – but they are great cover songs! I’ve been listening to Freestyle again this past week after my high school friends and I saw that the band had gigs at a resto bar near our place and we got to reminiscing about how much we loved their songs.
Here are my favorite cover songs by Freestyle at 19 East: 
 Breathe Again originally sang by Toni Braxton.
Changes in my Life
Ebony and Ivory
I Just Can’t Stop Loving You 
My friends and I are planning to watch one of their gigs soon and I’m definitely excited about it! Nothing like good music to bring out the happy vibes on a chill out weekend like today.