So there’s an American medical drama series that’s been widely raved about and that’s Grey’s Anatomy by Shonda Rhimes. It’s been around for a few years now. I remember hearing some of my workmates at my first job talking about it. My cousin, Mark, is also a fan of the series. Me? Well, I haven’t actually seen one episode of Grey’s. But I am talking about Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack today. 

As we all know music is a key piece of any drama show aside from the plot of course. And it’s because Mark is a fan of the series and has such a love for music that I found out about this song I’m talking about. 

My newest favorite song, currently playing on repeat in my iPod “Fools Like Me” by Lisa Loeb.


Favorite Lyrics from Fools Like Me 

Everybody go
The party’s over 
I want to be alone in my head
In my bed tonight
You never show 
You must really love her
You think I don’t know
But I do, yeah it’s true
I think over is over 
I’m right back where I started
(When it comes to wanting you)
I can’t have what I wanted 
But I did, I can
I was, I am
Only human, living, dying 
Just like any fool who ever breathed 
If love is blind
If love’s a drug
It always is 
It always was and 
Love was surely made for fools like me

Such sad lyrics. Mark told me there are more nice songs that are part of Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack. It makes me want to start watching Grey’s Anatomy already. But yeahhhh, I know. I’ll be starting late. Some people online have said Grey’s is already way past its prime. Oh well. If I do decide to watch this, it won’t be the first series I got onboard with after people have gotten tired of it.