If I could have a big closet, it would be full of shoes ‘cos I am a shoe gal. These are the latest shoes I am lusting over for:

Michael Antonio’s tribal design shoes. I first saw it when I visited Camille Co’s blog. It’s the first thing that caught my attention out of the whole outfit post. Pretty. It comes with a hefty price tag too, around P3,000+.
Anna Sui Lindley shoes from Hush Puppies! I also first laid eyes on this at Camille Co’s blog. The girl has great taste in shoes! Soooo cute isn’t it? Ever since I saw it, I just couldn’t get it out of my head anymore. It is etched in my mind. I want to buy this for real. But I’m holding back at the moment. Perhaps once I pass my thesis defense in school already… or if I fail, I’ll still buy this to cheer me up. Haha. It’s also expensive – cost Php4,100…but I really really really love it.