Last week, my cousin and I seemed to have been hit by the shopping bug. Check out our newest Avon shopping finds:Accessories from Avon Here’s the cute box packaging of the earring set that I bought from Avon! 

Six oh so pretty earrings that came with an affordable price of Php400+ 
I love shopping for accessories at Avon. They have a lot! Some look fancy and elegant while some are cutesy like my latest earrings above. I love them all though! Fashion accessories is what I usually buy from Avon. If you would see my collection, a lot are from this brand! 
And below is my cousin, Mark’s, latest Avon shopping find. A new watch! He actually doesn’t really buy Avon stuff. Not like me who buys a lot from the brand! He thought Avon only carried products for women but then he browsed through the shopping booklet (yes we’ve got an Avon lady here!) and voila! He fell in love with this watch and bought it. 
Watch Avon shopping find
Avon shopping find_men's watch
The watch he bought cost him around Php1,000+. He doesn’t mind though. He likes the watch he bought. Actually, it has a version for the ladies which I thought was also nice! I’m still mulling over purchasing one for myself. Not much of a watch person you see! I just use my mobile phone to check the time! 
But aside from my Avon shopping finds, I also bought from another store. Check out my new brightly colored bag! This my friends is my new work bag from A’postrophe! After weeks of searching for a new bag, I finally found the bag that speaks to me. It’s big, spacious and stylish – all the things I am looking for in a bag. I bring a lot of stuff everyday to work which includes a planner and a makeup kit. 
So it cost Php2000+. Quite pricey! But I think it’s worth it. This makes me look forward to going to the office everyday again. 
Mark and I are definitely happy about our purchases. Nothing like indulging in some retail therapy to remind ourselves why we work so hard in the first place (saved for the need to pay bills). (“,)