I’ve always been fascinated with travel and I’ve always thought that the Philippines with its 7,107 islands is a beautiful country to visit. Bacolod City, otherwise known as the City of Smiles has been part of the places I’ve been wanting to see ever since I read an article about it in Smile magazine during one of my work-related travels out of town. Last week, I was finally there in the flesh.

My four day adventure in Bacolod was filled with a lot of fun! fun! fun! I will break my story into parts because there are just so many things to share. 
Shale is from Bacolod so lucky me! I didn’t need to book a hotel for this trip. I stayed at Shale’s house where she lived with her family in Bacolod. I was so well taken care of during my four day stay there.

Shale with her parents

Day 1 in Bacolod was all about checking out the must-see places in the city.

My pretty tour guide/tour buddy
Those photos of us are taken at Pope John Paul II Tower. This tower was built to commemorate the event that happened there 21 years ago, February 20, 1981 when the late Pope John II visited Bacolod city.

Inside the tower you’ll see various photos of the late pope from different occasions and some artworks.

There’s also this 12 foot stainless steel lighted cross on top of the tower
Shale and I also visited the Negros Museum. I enjoy visiting museums because I enjoy learning about history so when I saw that Smile magazine recommended the place as a must-visit place in Bacolod, I asked Shale to go there as well. 

That train was used to transport goods in Negros Occidental back in the old days. 
At first glance, it looks like US Dollars. But it’s actually the old Philippine peso during the Japanese regime.  

We had an old TV just like this at our house before!
Various photos of things to see inside Negros Museum 

Shale and I came straight from the airport to touring the city of Bacolod so we decided to relax for a little while at Negros Cafe which was right beside the museum.

Shale sipping her coffee. Doesn’t she look so relaxed already? 

Negros Cafe was located right beside the road but the ambiance of the place was super relaxing even the outside area. I can just imagine reading a book here or writing!

So that’s part one of my Bacolod Adventure. More about my trip in this beautiful city in Negros Occidental in the coming days!