I soooo love the new actor who’s going to play Christian Grey of Fifty Shades of Grey! If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, then you know that I am a fan of the book trilogy. When I heard that Hollywood wanted to turn it into a movie, I was absolutely ecstatic!

I rooted for Ian Somerhalder to play Christian Grey. He’s so perfect for the role – he looks like a sex god. But then they announced that Charlie Hunnam was going to portray Mr. Grey. I was definitely not pleased with that casting…

But just when I thought I just had to suck it up and hope he does the character justice, he drops out of the film to my relief and delight!

I still wanted Ian Somerhalder for the role but I know he’s most likely not going to be able to take on the project because he’s busy with The Vampire Diaries. But Jamie Dornan as Mr. Grey? I’m all for it!!! Let me show you why!

Jamie’s definitely got the looks to play Christian. Just look at those eyes! Smoldering! <3 nbsp="" td="">

Jamie looks very dapper in a suit like the very handsome, very successful businessman, Christian Grey.

Jamie looks so boyishly handsome just like 27 year old Christian Grey.

Oh and he’s definitely got the body for all those steamy sex scenes he’s gotta do with Dakota as Anastasia Steele!  

I’m excited to see the book come to life on the big screen. I’m looking forward to seeing the first trailer for this film. You can bet your boots I’m gonna be raving about it in this blog!