Confession: I like to see the sights when I go on a road trip. Rarely do I sleep while on the road.

Recently, our company went on a summer swimming trip to Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s quite a long drive and   that’s how I found myself on Google, creating a new playlist for my iPod, which was on my must-bring list – to keep me company while we were on the road.

In my search for road trip song suggestions, I stumbled upon Spotify. I know this digital streaming service has been in existence for a while now although in the Philippines, it’s just fairly new – like last month new. Spotify can be installed on desktop units, mobile phones running iOS and Android or you can opt to use its web-based service on browsers. 

And how cool is it that this playlist can be embedded on the blog and be shared to you dear readers? Pretty cool for me!!!  

Anyhoo, let me share with you my summer road trip playlist which I just created on Spotify in case you’re looking for song suggestions for your own road trip. (“,) 

Will definitely be updating my playlist soon because I have another road trip coming up. Any suggestions?