Confession: My iPod nano is my travel companion. I almost never go anywhere without it.

I listen to music in my iPod when I go to work, when I have to meet friends, at home to dance the night away, to de-stress and even when I do laundry. I bought mine the same year it cam out, back in 2007 and up to now, it’s working perfectly fine! It’s very handy noh?

But before the invention of the iPod, I listened to music on my Sony Walkman. Remember that? The bulky and heavy must-have gadget of every pre-teen, teens and even adults who just loved listening to music from cassette tapes and/or the radio? I remember taking strolls with my Walkman clipped to my shorts or placed in my pocket. It used to annoy me its heaviness because it could cause my garter shorts to fall down and because it was bulky, it would sometimes fall out of my pocket. But though that was the case, I never went anywhere without that too once upon a time.

The gadget was made obsolete by the invention of portable CD players and then MP3 players. That’s why kids in this new millennium do not know what it is! I saw this video on Youtube and I just had to share it! It made me feel old watching how the kids in the video reacted to the Walkman! Ha ha!