Lately, people have been telling me how much I’ve lost weight and some have even gone to the extent of asking how and why I did it.

I knew I’ve become a chubby girl again in 2013 because I couldn’t fit in my pants comfortably anymore and. I’ve stopped doing Yoga, Ryan and I haven’t jogged in months and I also drank a lot of alcoholic drinks since December 2012. I did not feel good at all. But I was inspired by the weight loss of Dada, another friend of mine from LEAP. That and the fact that I wanted to prepare for the homecoming of someone very special to me.

According to the health magazines and celebrity weight loss articles I’ve read, losing weight is 90% diet and 10% exercise. In the past, I’ve only just tried to workout. Never paid attention to what I eat. Well, this time, I changed my approach about weight loss. This time I decided I’m not going to go on just any diet (because when you say diet, my mind instantly thinks deprivation!). This time I decided it’s all about having a healthier diet plan. I still get to eat yummy foods this way except it’s more about eating more veggies, fruits and less fast food which I usually eat when I’m at work.

I kicked off my healthy diet plan with the Yummy Diet. My friend Dada told me about this and like I said, I so admire how much weight she’s lost! I tried their 1200 calorie plan for Php1,799 a week. They deliver your meal plan for the next day the day before and the plan consist of meals from breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and dinner plus black coffee in the morning and tea in the evening.

It took a bit of getting used to. On my first day, I felt myself getting hungry after an hour’s time. But the meals were absolutely delicious! I liked that it came in nice, microwavable packaging and the containers were labeled so you knew which to eat at what time.

After a week, I thought I’d try another kind of meal plan, this time from Plan:Eat. They were a little cheaper than Yummy Diet at Php1,200 plus Php100 delivery charge for Plan 1200. Like the Yummy Diet, it was for five days a week, breakfast to dinner but they delivered your meal on the day itself. I discovered this through a rave review in WheninManila but I was definitely disappointed with this diet plan. Not delicious at all. I thought the food tasted bland.

If you’re thinking of trying a healthy diet plan, I’d recommend the Yummy Diet. I really would. The food tasted really good that I looked forward to the next meal plan.

I’ve also been very curious about doing detox through juicing but I didn’t want to delve right into it because I was afraid I wouldn’t like the juices. But there was a Juju Eats branch near my client’s office so I got into trying it – one juice at a time. It’s become a Tuesday habit of mine.

Oh and since they also have healthy solid food in there, it’s what I eat now for merienda whenever I get hungry after my client’s meeting.

So far, I’ve tried the pesto salad and chicken caesar salad and both are really good and even the half serving is already very fulfilling!

I also try to drink less soda by drinking healthier ones.

Well now I just need to step up my game by getting back to working out again. That’s another challenge I have to conquer because I am seriously lazy when it comes to sticking to an exercise plan!