I’ve been making changes to my lifestyle over the last few years. I subscribed to a healthy diet plan though that didn’t last so long. Kinda expensive to keep and I’m such a picky eater so I didn’t eat everything included in my meal plan. A few years later and I signed up for the gym and was able to keep a fitness routine until the pandemic hit and we all went on lockdown. I made these changes initially for weight loss. I’ve come to realize a deeper value behind my lifestyle changes. I want to stay healthy and live a good long life. Having a strong and healthy immune system is key to achieving that goal. Here are ways to boost the immune system that I myself have been adopting.

My Five Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Keep a healthy diet. I’m not on any strict diet. I let myself indulge in fast food from time to time. But I ensure to eat healthy food specially vegetables and fruits. Luckily my mom raised me to like eating veggies. I’ve also limited my intake of 3 in 1 coffee and have switched to more black coffee to avoid too much sugar intake.
leafy greens to help boost the immune system naturally
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  • Get enough sleep. At the height of the lockdowns, without anywhere to go to, I was able to work on my sleeping habits. No, I’m still not going to bed at 8pm. I still find it way too early! But I was able to retire to bed at the same time every night and nowadays, I find myself able to wake up by the time my alarm clock rings. Sometimes even ahead of my alarm. Enough sleep is one of the key ways to boost the immune system. After all, when we sleep, our body gets to work on healing and recovery.
  • Exercise. So before the lockdown, I managed to keep an active lifestyle thanks to the gym. And it’s a habit I was able to stick to even while I was staying home more because of COVID. I even came to enjoy doing yoga every morning. Here are a few more of my go-to home workout videos.
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  • Taking supplements. I must admit this was an important step that I ignored before. It wasn’t something I prioritized buying and I would drink only when I remembered. I’m more diligent now with taking my supplements. My key supplements are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc which are very important to have specially these days as added protection against the virus.
  • Keep stress at manageable levels. As someone who works in an industry that’s included on the list of the most stressful jobs, learning to manage my stress is something I constantly need to do. Too much stress can make you sick. Maybe it comes with age too and maybe it’s also the lockdown that had taught me to slow down but I definitely don’t let myself get too stressed these days specially at work. When things get too tough, I ensure to find ways to let it out. Whether that’s by working out, playing with my pets or meeting up with friends, having an outlet helps.


Strengthening one’s immune system is important in keeping illnesses at bay. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and so I see to it that I take actions that will help keep me healthy.