I’ve always been frustrated with the state of my hair because I have fine, limp and not to mention frizzy hair. It hasn’t helped matters at all that in an effort to make it look better, I’ve subjected it to different styling treatments – blowouts, rebond, hair color, hair straightening iron etc. And on lazy days or days when I’m on a rush, I usually tie it up in a tight pony tail plus that was the only way my hair could look presentable. Yikes.

I knew I had to do something about it. So I’ve been reading up online about healing treatments that can make my help my hair become healthier. Initially, I was considering buying Morrocan Argan Oil. I’ve read good reviews from women who’ve tried it. But then I recently came across Macadamia Natural Oil.

So off I went to Piandre Salon to avail of this treatment as a birthday gift to myself because it was high time to give my hair some loving! 
This is my hair before the treatment. Flyaway, frizz and flat! 
My hair after the treatment: shinier, frizz-free and it has volume! Plus it feels softer and my hair smelled so sweet! 

The Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Treatment contains both macadamia and argan oil – that’s really what got me to try this. 
Macadamia Oil has the highest amount of Omega 7 which closely resembles human hair sebum which imitates the scalp’s natural pil production, providing the nourishment and moisture the hair needs. Omega 7 is also lightweight and non-greasy with no buildup so it’s ideal for all types of hair from the finest to the coarsest hair. 
Argan Oil on the other hand is rich with Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E which not only renews damage hair, but improves hair strength, restores shine and softness of dry and brittle hair while reducing frizz and fly-aways. 
My hair 5 days later – still looking nourished and soft to touch! 
Though I bought the products – the Deep Repair Masque, the Healing Oil and the Control Spray so I can apply this at home – they said the treatment can be done every two to three weeks – but I may just come back to Piandre Salon with the products on hand. I only have to pay for labor and I get a good back massage too!