It’s been raining like crazy here in the city. I swear our weather nowadays is so unpredictable! One minute it’s sunny, the next thing you know it’s raining hard again! I find it such a challenge to dress up for this weather especially when it comes down to deciding the shoes I’ll be wearing!

I’m so not a fan of the rainy season even though I was born on a month where typhoons come in the country one after the next with just days between them. Rainy season is so bleak, wet and cold! But there’s nothing like a cute pair of shoes that can withstand this crazy wet weather we’re having to brighten up one’s day!

Well, I recently visited the Geleia store in Glorietta with a friend because I really like Melissa shoes! And I saw that they have a new pair of shoes added in their gorgeous collection.

Cute noh? It comes in different colors too. I particularly love the maroon red and the nude colored wedge.

A pair cost Php4,995. They’re durable and comfy to wear so at that price, it’s definitely not bad! I know I’m getting myself one or two! (“,)