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It’s been more than a year since staying home has become a norm. I never wore my PJs unless I’m about to go to bed. But I also didn’t bother to dress up or put make up on until recently. Since then, even with nowhere to go, I thought I’d match that up by dressing nicely too. Yes, I’ve finally joined the lounge in style trend. I started with my post on fashionable hair accessories and now, I’m taking things a bit further by sharing the outfits I’ve worn.

Here are just some of my loungewear looks.

comfy coors to longe in style
Organic Ladies Comfies Coords. Buy from here.

The best way to lounge in style is to stay comfortable of course. After all, it’s a form of clothing I’d be wearing for hours at home. Plus it’s summer where heat index temperatures soar up to 52 degrees Celsius. That means even when I’m just sitting, my legs are sweating.

maxi dress is a fresh and comfy loungewear look
Seeing a lot of maxi dresses again, now as a fashionable loungewear at home

I bought this dress years ago at SM Department Store for my first Boracay beach trip with friends. I hardly wore this because I’ve always reserved it for beach trips and I don’t always have one. I’m more of a city travel kind of gal. But I recently took it out of my closet so I can start wearing it at home more. I got the idea from Instagram where loungewear shop ads have targeted me. They’re selling maxi dresses and I remembered I have this cute red number. Now this definitely screams comfort and so perfect for this hot and humid weather we have!

And as you know, I’ve been buying stuff more often on Shopee these days and I found these cute loungewear from Sari Ol Boutique!

pretty coords as a loungewear style
lounge in style by picking out comfortably cute outfits

I love that not only is it sleeveless, it’s got a cut on the back too! In this heat, more skin, less clothing is better.

accessorize to lounge in style
dress up loungewear with dangling earrings

For this yellow number, I decided to dress up my loungewear fashion by also accessorizing with dangling earrings. Love these green earrings that I got as a gift from my friend, Jackie. I was inspired to wear accessories ‘cos I saw Kelly Misa doing the same thing with her loungewear.

my loungewear style  is wearing pastel colors
lounging in style with pretty earrings

Also dressed up this pastel number with earrings. It’s a Christmas gift to me by my best friend from Arete.

Dressing up and getting made up even when I’m just staying home is so nice. Sometimes it’s a way for me to cope with all the things going on. I think “Never mind. Things might be crappy right now but at least I’m looking good.” Of course some other times, I do this just because I feel like it. Like they say, do the things that make you happy.