My blog, Pieces of Liz is 5 years old today! Happy anniversary to my blog! (“,)

And to think I almost deleted this blog because I have lost the will to blog! Thankfully, Pieces of Liz didn’t end up like my old blog – my Dear Diary personal kind of blog – abandoned, forgotten and then deleted. When I think about it, that still makes me ask myself “What in the world were you thinking, Liz?” 

This blog has come a long way. It started with just 15 posts all in all in ’09 to 45 posts in total in ’11 then I lost my mojo for blogging in 2012 so I ended up with just 18 posts! But when I finally sat down and decided in late 2013 to just blog, well, I found a renewed love for blogging so now I just blog, blog, blog! I’ve even given my blog a new and prettier design. Thanks again to Patricia of Fancy Girl Designs. 
This blog is still a work in progress. My goal is to keep blogging, keep sharing the things I love, things I find interesting, discover new things and grow my readers/followers and of course meet more people who share the love of blogging!

To those who’ve been reading this blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Means a lot to me really that you take the time to visit and read. I hope you continue to do so.