So I went to Fully Booked over the weekend with the intent of buying the September 2014 issue of Cosmo, it’s the 69 Cosmo Bachelors edition! – but it wasn’t available just yet at the branch where I went. But I found these Archie comic books instead.

It wasn’t part of the plan to buy them but you know when I see Archie Comics, especially special editions like these two, my resolve weakens. I just had to have them! 
The Married Life is a series that tells the story of the adult versions of Archie and the gang. This series tells the after the wedding story of Archie with Betty and Veronica. I’ve always been in favor of Betty but you know reading Archie’s married life with both Betty and Veronica in these books, I can’t help but also love Veronica for him. I’ve been waiting for the 5th installment of the book since July and finally it’s here! 
The second book made headlines a couple of months ago. Archie dies! The iconic character? I know. When I read that too before, I gasped. I couldn’t believe they were killing Archie!!! But after my initial shock and after reading the idea of the story, I was definitely excited to add this to my collection. Don’t worry fellow Archie fans, it’s only the adult Archie that dies. The teenage Archie still lives – thank goodness! As the editors of Archie explained, it was only natural to do a story about Archie’s death. After all, death is part of what adults have to deal with. 
Kudos to the editors of Archie for coming up with these kind of stories – the introduction of Kevin Keller, the first gay Archie comic book character (must find that book!); getting Archie to fall in love with someone else like Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats; Archie and the gang as adults in the Married Life; and yes, the Wedding!  
I read Archie Comics every night before I fall asleep. I’m 29 and still a proud collector and reader of Archie.