I had a pretty good weekend. I finally have a new cellphone and I just finished reading my first book for 2010. 

Everyone Worth Knowing 

 I confessed before that I haven’t been able to do much reading because I’ve gotten so busy so this year, I resolve to read again. I started off with a must-read books list which I update every time I pass by a bookstore. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberg is part of my list and thankfully, I have a boss who likes to read a lot! She lent me her copy and I’ve been reading it almost every night before bedtime. It took awhile for me to finish, one chapter or two at a time but thankfully, I was able to make myself sit in one corner last Sunday to finish the book. I read it while I waited every time for the washing machine to stop spinning.

It’s a good book, that much I can say. The basic story is that Bette Robinson, the heroine of the book, suddenly ups and quits her banking job and lands a job at an events PR company where she gets involve in a gossip column. What I like about it is how it gives the reader an inside look on a whole new job industry where your job is to party. It could be like an escape from one’s boring 8-5 job.

A New Gadget

And after quite some time of getting used to owning a low tech mobile phone after so carelessly losing my N90 early last year, I finally have a new fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous) phone! I’ve lusted for so many months over the LG GD900 Crystal phone and now I have it! My parents allowed me to charge it to their credit card, that’s the only reason I have this now. I’m gonna pay them for it. It’s not given to me for free, but oh well! I’m very happy about it.

Actually, my first love was Samsung’s Ultra Touch phone but when I saw LG’s crystal phone, I just knew it was the one! It’s stylish, it’s got an 8 mega pixel camera and it’s dual use (touchscreen and keypad) – top three things I’ve been looking for in my new phone. This time I promise myself that I will take really good care of it.