I’ve been thinking about getting fit again. It’s not just because some people have been telling me I’ve gained weight again (Tumaba ka yata, they told me). But also because I just really want to be healthy overall.

Some Hollywood celebrities say that part of their fitness regimen is hiking in the woods. In the Philippines, some people do mountain climbing. Currently, the only time I come remotely close to living a healthy and active lifestyle is when I climb up and down the stairs of MRT and walk to the office.

Would I consider hiking or mountain climbing as a fitness activity? Probably not. I think that would be a little extreme for me. Ha! Ha! But if I ever did consider it, I’d make sure I’m at least fashionably ready for the outdoors.

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After all, fashion and fitness go hand in hand. And with The North Face products, living an active outdoor-sy lifestyle is sure to be so much more fun to do.

*This is a sponsored post