Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday made me cry. The first time I read one of her novels, Ugly Love, I remember crying too. But Maybe Someday’s gotta be my most favorite Colleen Hoover book at this time. 

What Colleen Hoover’s Maybe Someday is All About 

The heroine, Sydney found out her wonderful boyfriend was not-so-wonderful after all, cheating with her best friend. Ridge was her musician neighbor struggling with writer’s block. When they met, they couldn’t deny that they felt something for each other especially as they worked together on the music for Ridge’s band.

It’s a passionate tale of friendship, betrayal and romance. 

My Thoughts on Maybe Someday 

It made me so sad because even though they had undeniable attraction towards each other, they couldn’t be together. Ridge was committed to another girl and Sydney didn’t want to be the other girl considering she knew what it felt like to be cheated on.

Just like Warren, Ridge’s room mate in this novel, in real life, it would have been so easy for other people to just brand Sydney as a boyfriend stealer. A relationship wrecker. A slut. A whore. But Sydney wasn’t a villain. She just couldn’t help falling in love with Ridge even though she knew she shouldn’t. As a reader, I could feel her inner struggle as she tried to tell herself not to fall even though her heart and body screamed with longing for him. A desire to be with him.

I felt it too with Ridge. They both were struggling to fight off what they were feeling for each other. Good ol’ Ridge – living up to his promise of staying committed to his girlfriend.

There’s a saying about love – in Filipino we say “Hindi natuturuan ang puso”. The heart wants what it wants. That’s why as I was reading this book, I cried and cried because my heart went out to Ridge and Sydney. They tried to do the right thing by going their separate ways. Sure, it wasn’t what they wanted.

Losing him broke Sydney. And some may judge her as weak and pathetic for feeling so broken over a guy. But love’s such a powerful emotion, isn’t it? Even a strong woman like Sydney could feel so distraught, she’d find herself on rock bottom because of the pain of losing someone she loved. And it would take some time, who knows how long until she’ll be able to recover?

I love the title of this book, Maybe Someday. Even as the story breaks your heart because of  the characters’ situation, there’s hope in it. Perhaps, they can’t be together at the moment but maybe, possibly in the future they could when circumstances are different…

And yes I am a sucker for happy endings and so having them end up together at the end made me cry again but with tears of joy this time around.